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Manly Men or Gentle Boys doll preference?

Mar 6, 2019

    1. I'm waiting on my girl to come in before I get her boyfriend. I've always liked the men that are chiseled with sharp defined features. But a lot of doll stores sell boys that look young and soft.

      So I was just curious, do you like your doll men so manly you can smell the testosterone mixed into the resin (like me), or do you prefer them with a softer face and slimmer body?
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    2. I have to say, I like both but it depends on the character I have in mind. Right now I don't have any testosterone hemorrhaging men in my dolly plans just yet, but I have a whole file of photos saved on my computer to drool over.
    3. I like realistic men - the young/anime boys are not my style (kid and teen dolls in general don't have any appeal to me...)
      Still - I would appreciate if we had more manly sculpts to choose from - most of those available still look a bit too much like models to me. I would like some more big nosed, wide jawed, non-conventionally pretty faces.
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    4. Am I allowed to say "both"? Because that's the truth of it... :lol:

      Most of my guys are on the softer side just because I prefer stylized sculpts to very realistic ones, but it's not a universal thing among my crew. For me, I think it's much more a matter of liking a guy's particular sculpt, no matter which style it is. I love my Granado V-07 and my Volks Kondo, for instance, but I still love my Old School CP and Lati bishonen dearly, too.
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    5. I prefer manly men, but my issue is finding one that isnt scowling. There are very few chisled manly men that look like genuinly nice guys. They are either soft and feminine or angry demons...is it to much to ask for a hunky nice guy...?
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    6. Manly man. I'll eventually get a guy for one of my girls. Unfortunately Fairyland's males are too soft looking so I'll have to look elsewhere
    7. I guess I veer closer to the "gentle boys" side of the spectrum, since I think "manly men" are icky gross gag me with a spoon ugly. Muscles are the bane of my existence now that I've started getting into SDs.

      But I don't really like feminine "bishonen" types either, I prefer the "lanky emasculated nerd" look. Unfortunately this industry tends to lean to either extreme.
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    8. I like something in between, boyish looking fully grown men with a bit of muscle but not muscle bound.
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    9. The gentle boys. I can appreciate the manly guys, but so far, I have had no desire to own one. But I also tend to like more masculine girls, so maybe it is a balancing act.
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    10. Manly men w gentle boy boyfriends of course lol...... I do really love both aesthetics though, granado sculpts are a huge favorite of mine but I also really like a lot of softer dollzone sculpts!
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    11. I laughed really hard at this wording but totally understood it. I prefer adorkable over pretty or handsome any day.

      That said, I really appreciate both ends of the spectrum and hope the variety continues to grow, realistic and stylized and everything in between. I'd love to see more diverse body types and facial features available.
    12. I like both! I think I like my feminine makes very soft and feminine and my masculine very masculine if that makes sense? I dislike when the body and face clash. Otherwise I can like both!

      I suppose some male dolls get into the range of being intimidating and then I like them less haha. Give me mature yet approachable I guess.
    13. I prefer thin and soft boys. I find the muscle sculpts unappealing.

      I like the visible ribs thing.
    14. I really love both, but don't own any super masculine types as they tend to have bigger bodies/muscles, and that makes them just a tad too heavy for me. My Dollshe Saint is probably the most masculine guy I have, face-wise, while my Dia is on a manly Ringdoll RGM-4 body. I love the look of the Granado boys, but just thinking about them makes my arms ache.:lol:
    15. Pretty Men, I like them to have defined features that are interesting and sharp enough to be manly, but not harsh enough to be chiseled. I like the bodies to be lean, muscular, and well defined, but not bulky, overly sculpted, or bulging. I like their lips to be soft, and hold a hint of expression, be it a smile or smirk, but I like their eyes to be narrow and sharp as if they are scrutinising their every thought and thinking deeply.
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    16. Soft boys all the way!
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    17. Why not both?

      Most of my characters are the slimmer, more feminine men. Sometimes even down to wearing more feminine clothing. But because my girlfriend has a thing for men who could bench press you or toss you over a brick wall, I've come to appreciate the more masculine figures and am even looking at a 'buff' doll, which wouldn't have previously been my type at all.

      Really overall it depends on the character themselves and that their overall body type brings to the table when it comes to portraying their character. Also I suppose you could say it depends on what kinds of guys your pretty girl likes. What kind of character is she? What are her tastes? Judging what she's into will be the perfect tie breaker of what kind of man you want to build her and then therefore what kind of body you'll be shelling him into.

      That's just my process though. I know a lot of people here like to buy dolls and then build the characters afterwards. I'm much more of a 'shell the characters I've had for a really long time' kind of person.
    18. I like my doll guys as I like them in real life, buffed and very very manly. Great lips, awesome nose and jawline like a roman sculpture, and muscles muscles muscles! XD

      But of course it is just a matter of opinion and it has lots to do with the character itself as many others have pointed out. I would ask the girl which kind of boys she like first or you might end up with a surprise if you choose for her and they don't fit in at all.
    19. Both. It's really dictated by the character I'm basing them around.

      Tahmos, my main OC for example, is a unique blend of semi androgynous---but I also wanted to put some emphasis on him being masculine as well. In other words: I wanted him to be obviously male, not female. Most of my guys fall somewhere on this spectrum.

      In the case of Valon...his OC is purposely feminine appearing on the outside to offset the surly, confrontational interior he actually has. He's supposed to take after his mother a lot, who is a very beautiful, feminine figure. As a result, Valon gets teased by his father and siblings for this attribute (not the most stable family life, poor guy). I wanted to reflect that in his bjd counterpart. He tends to wear androgynous garb, keeps his silver locks long and flowing, and does accentuate his facial features with a bit of...enhancing (okay---makeup)...with a twist of using that to make himself look menacing. He looks soft, but he's tougher than he appears in other words.

      When it comes to Tahno (in my avatar), him being a well-kempt, well dressed guy is already ingrained in the existing character, and I had to be certain it translated into his bjd persona. Like Tahmos and most of my other boys, he also exists in that blended spectrum of both masculine/feminine traits.

      In general, I've always preferred guys that have a strong leaning towards appearing definitely masculine (sorry, bishy types don't really do it for me), but don't like them having that tough, square-jawed army Sargent look either. I like them being tough, confident, but also approachable.

      But, of course: it's dictated by the character, so there might come a point where a more definitely masculine bjd joins my eclectic crew :kitty2
    20. Both, in the sense that ‘realistic’ doesn’t mean macho. In RL I like people with softer or kinder faces, but not necessarily girly. If you look at the ones I commissioned, they’re clearly men but they don’t look particularly aggressive. Gentle & manly are not opposites, in an ideal world they’d be one & the same!

      I like realistic sculpts & for them to be obviously Male, so I’m not a fan of anime, stylised or very feminine dolls. But I still think most of them would be friendly enough, tbh! I’m not a fan of very hard faced sculpts, but that doesn’t mean ‘girly’ or young, either.

      Hope that kinda made sense... XD
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