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[Mar.28th]DollZone:Four New Mini BJDs

Mar 24, 2006

    1. Hi everyone~
      I am going to buy this new type of doll from a company in China called Doll Zone!!

      Their sizes are~
      Eye size : 16mm
      Tall : 44cm
      Circumference of Head : 18.5cm
      Circumference of neck : 7cm
      Circumference of chest : 18.5cm
      Width of shoulders : 9cm
      Lenth of "from shoulder to wrist" : 13.5cm
      Circumference of waist : 13.5cm
      Circumference of hips : 17cm
      Lenth of leg : 23.5cm
      Circumference of ankle : 6cm
      Foot size : 5.4cm

      Eye size : 16mm
      Tall : 45cm
      Circumference of Head : 18.5cm
      Circumference of neck : 7.3cm
      Circumference of chest : 19cm
      Width of shoulders : 10cm
      Lenth of "from shoulder to wrist" : 13.5cm
      Circumference of waist : 15cm
      Circumference of hips : 18.8cm
      Lenth of leg : 25cm
      Circumference of ankle : 6.5cm
      Foot size : 5.6cm

      Here are some of their pics~~~~~~:

      If anyone is interested in buying, plz leave a msg~~
      I can talk to my fd about suitable prices!!
    2. What`s the price on those? the heads look nice but what do the bodies look like?
    3. omg they are soo pretty.. do they have a website?
    4. Can you post a link? I love them and they're the siza I'm looking for.
    5. Is the last doll tan 0.0?
    6. Im so glad this thread is here
      I was told about these yesterday from someone in China who I bought a jumper from :)
      the site is a little hard for me to navigate , but hope you can
      I love my DZ ,
      3 skin tones ...there are some more pictures here
      hey dear:
      you have DZ doll right?
      i've been heard about DZ are going to sell new MSD size dolls.
      i love the new dolls pic~~ they're so lovely~~~~~~~~~~~

      here's some information.
      my terribel translation:

      price: rmb 990/each
      include a pair of eyes and a holder
      each type of doll has 3 skins for choose ( orginal, white, and ...i
      don't know how to explain, the japanese sun burn skin? sun burn skin will
      add rmb 100 to get it)
      order before april 30 could get
      a. one more head(include a pair of eyes)
      b.wig(random), a pair of shoes(random),cloth(chooses list on website)

      price of head: rmb 280 ( include a pair of eyes)
      price of body: rmb 860 ( include a pair of shoes)

      the first one(first floor, 3 pics): girl name:DingDang(means small bell)
      second one(second floor, 4 pics): girl name:FenYue(Fen means Burn, Yue
      means Moon)
      thrid one(third floor, 5 pics):boy name:MieQi(Mie means destory/kill, Qi
      means male Kirin)



      hope this helps
    7. can you buy the heads sperately and if you can which other bodies can they fit?
    8. So.. umm is there a trend with new companies lowering the cost of the dolls? Mythdoll sold 10 MSD dolls for $100 and now has upped them to only $150-180.

      According to this information these MSDs will be 990RMB ($123.33USD), with the heads going for 280RMB ($34.88USD) and the bodies going for 860RMB ($107.14USD) (conversions from www.xe.com).

      Wait.. that can't be right, $34 for a head? RMB is China Yuan Renminbi correct? Somewhat help, I think I've confused myself.. lol
    9. I presume they will be the same price as before
      my boy was $200.
      the heads are about $50.00
      I think ( or 58.00 cant remember which ,) I only looked once :)
    10. I just love those lips!! Hhhmmm, haven't had to convert currency for awhile. Can someone get an accurate price(running,scrambling, trying to find stuffs to sell!!!!!)?
    11. buyers beware-

      before buying ANY doll make sure you do your research so you know what you are getting. perhaps be a little more cautious wih new companies that are not as 'tried and tested'

      dollzone have in the past directly copied CP dolls. please be aware of the history before buying, even if the past doesn't concern you, please be aware

      I wouldn't want anyone to buy one and then discover afterwards what they did to CP. I am not trying to hurt anyones feelings, just gives people both sides of the argument. If you truly love a doll buy it, but if you don't, don't. thats my advice.

      by the way the dolls are $120, heads are about $30 according to Tinybear's letter

      Dollzone controversy thread with both opinions representedhttp://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55830
      For if you want to know more about the controversy and why some of us are not fans of DZ and why some of us are.
    12. How do you order one? I can't read the site.
    13. i want to order 2 of them... but how do i do it?
    14. Yeah, that's really something people should look into, just in case they find out later and it bothers their conscience.
    15. Ahhh...they're lovely...I want one. ^_^

      As for the prices, I don't find it entirely surprising. Things in China are just cheaper, material and labor wise. So even if they set the retail price well below the competition, chances are they're still making a good profit. To illustrate this point, I compared the cheapest subway ticket you can buy in Beijing, Tokyo and Chicago:

      Beijing: 3 RMB= $0.37
      Tokyo: 160 Yen= $1.36 (I'm not sure about this one, just found it online)
      Chicago: $2.00

      That does make me wonder about the quality, if they are using cheaperr materials.
    16. a few people have already ordered theirs, and not noticed any problems (except for poor Kurosakura, who recieved a patchwork doll! -yes, it was all taken care of). the white resin is particularly attractive. of course as these dolls are very new we can't say how they'll hold up over time.

      i'm prepared to take the chance, anyway :)
    17. Heehee found a shop:
      edited, the site in english:http://translate.google.com/transla...ient=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official
      (still looking)
      All this really proves is that I work with doctors and have gotten really good at reading Goobly Gook. This is what I've figured out, that site was a forum and the manufacterer of the dolls was posting there, I found a link in all the Goobly Gook that took me to the above website, that looks like an ebay type site, maybe the dolls can be purchased from there. I'll do some more investigating...
    18. gah! i still can't figure out how to order! is there a group order anywhere??