Marchen Waltz Discussion Thread

Sep 6, 2011

    1. I hope it's okay for me to start this discussion thread for Marchen Waltz ~ I did a search and found NO threads dedicated to these amazing dolls!!!

      They are currently offering a new doll, Aimee. She has a 9" head and fits on Infinity Doll SD13 body (that comes with her when you purchase the complete doll). Marchen Waltz says that the heads also fit on Volks SD bodies as well.
      Aimee looks like she jumped out of a Mark Ryden painting! Very interesting face!

      I just purchased a "Clair" head ~ also 9" ~ (with the choice "D" faceup) and one of their gorgeous wigs. I plan on using a Volks body for my work of art!
      Can't wait to see her in person....

      And ~ looking forward to seeing perhaps a fan-base for their dolls grow on my thread, here.

      Company link:
    2. Hi dear~
      I love Aimee >_<!!! first time I saw her I was like "OMG maybe this my time to have girl BJD" *lol*
      But I just ordering Switch head @[email protected] too bad,,, I shouldn't buy new doll again this month.
      Oh Clair is amazing!! and their face up skill is very good too~
      Looking forward to see some photo of her :)
    3. Thank you for starting this thread!! I too fell in love with Aimee's dark little pout as soon as I saw her. I'll be interested in seeing your Clair too, FrankieCat! I may have to order Aimee for myself if I can manage to scrape some funds together. I just love her whole aesthetic.
    4. Awesome! We have a Marchen Waltz group, now! Thanks for joining me, BabyJJ and Sylphide.
      BabyJJ, Aimee would be a nice addition to your family of guys ~ she certainly would bring alot of attention! Imagine the stories...

      Sylphide, I can't wait to see some real life pix of Aimee. I really hope you get her! She is so unique! I may have to get her, too one day. :-)

      I'm curious about the Infinity body. I love their HANDS! (so much nicer than my Volks) I wonder what other bodies would work? I only have one other SD body besides my Volks ones ~ Peak's Woods.
      If others are out here with these dolls, maybe they could shed some additional light on body compatibility. ;)
    5. Oh my goodness... Aimee is lovely. You're so right, FrankieCat, she does resemble a Mark Ryden character. Maybe that's why I'm so taken with her. She's odd and mysterious and... I dunno... there's something about her. :)

      Does anyone know if Marchen Waltz accepts layaway orders? I might HAVE to get Aimee.
    6. I'd like to know, as well. My heart is leaning me toward all of them! (good heavens...)
    7. Yes, they do! Pay in thirds (1/3 upon ordering, and 1/3 the next month, and 1/3 the last month) NICE!!!
    8. I put my head, etc. on a two month layaway! (so much easier than the whole chunk at once) I am super happy and now am .... waiting....

      Wish I could see someone's dolls! (I know ~ new company)

      Looking forward to who arrives first!!!
    9. Thank you, FrankieCat! I think I'll do the 3 payments layaway option. I just started a new job so I'll have to wait to be paid. I can't wait to see owner pictures. :)
    10. rein looks lovely :aheartbea
    11. Pixelity, will it be Aimee?? (that would be SO cool!!!) I am so curious to see how she is in owner photos... I know what you mean about the job thing. (congratulations, by the way!) :)
    12. My Clair (head) is paid in full and they said she will ship in two weeks ~ so I will have my fabulous girl by November! (now .... who's body will she use?) ;)

      I hope someone here gets her soon so I can see one~!!!
    13. My Clair has shipped!! Won't be long... I'm hoping she arrives with the faceup I requested.

      We shall soon see!
    14. I look forward to you getting your head. I'm considering ordering from them but I want to hear from some owners first.
    15. Here's Clair!:

    16. I was shocked that she arrived so FAST!!! She was mailed only 2 days ago! (how'd they do that??)
      I am overjoyed with how beautiful and special she is! She has such a wonderfully sculpted and painted face ~ she is already my favorite doll. Easily. I've never seen another BJD like her! She fits very well (and resin match is perfect) on my Volks Pureskin Normal SD13 girl body.
      To me, she is very child-like and SO captivating!
      I hope you all like her and consider bringing her home, too. You won't be disapointed!

      (I will post more photos in the Gallery) Thanks!
    17. She's adorable, love those lips. I'd love to see more resin match photos with the volks body too, pretty please Frankie Cat :)
    18. Sure! Wait till tomorrow, please ~ that way I can get the shots in natural light. Just a note: I am super picky about resin match. And this match is dead-on. The body is a couple of years old, but doesn't have visible yellowing.
      I can also take shots of her with the hair off her forehead so you can see the lovely eyebrows, too. I asked for darker brows and lashes on my girl, and they delivered. VERY happy with her! I can't get over how drawn to her I am! Gonna have some fun with this lovely girl!
    19. Sure thing, no problem :) and thanks in advance.
    20. (sorry for the wait! ~ got in late yesterday and will get some shots off in a bit)