Reminder Marketplace Behavior Reminder

Nov 4, 2020

    1. Hello DoA members!

      We have noticed an uptick in members breaking the Marketplace Rules. The following are some reminders:

      Paypal fees

      If you are selling something on DoA, you must always disclose if you charge fees, including Paypal fees in your listing. You must also list any specifications regarding payment terms.

      There have been multiple recent cases of members attempting to make a purchase, only for the seller to request extra money privately or request a Friends & Family payment. This is in violation of forum rules and will not be tolerated.

      If you want to charge your buyer any additional fees, including Paypal fees, you must clearly specify the total in the sales listing. You must do this calculation yourself. You may not ask your buyer to calculate your fees for you.

      If you only accept payment via Friends & Family, you must disclose that in the sales listing.

      As a buyer, if you are asked for different payment terms and extra fees that are not specified in the Marketplace listing, please report this to the staff. This behavior is in violation of the rules and the seller may not try to strong-arm you into a transaction you were not fully informed about. If you back out of a sale due to rule violating omissions by a seller, it will not reflect on your feedback.

      Owner photos

      All sales threads on DoA must include your own photos of the item. You may use company photos, but they cannot be the only images - you must include a photo you have taken of the exact item in your possession.

      This rule is in place so buyers know the exact condition of the item they are buying and guarantees the item is in the possession of the seller. You may not sell a doll that is not in your possession; this includes dolls that are still on order with the original company.

      Finishing sales threads

      Please remember to properly mark your sales threads with the Finished Prefix when you no longer need the thread. You may not add 'on layaway' or 'sold' to the thread title, you must change the thread Prefix.

      You can review how to properly do this with the following FAQ:
      How do I mark a thread as Finished?

      All of these rules and guidelines are a part of the Marketplace access application that all members with Marketplace access submitted. Filling out the application is verification that you understand these rules and that you agree to follow them.

      Repeatedly breaking DoA's Marketplace Rules can result in Marketplace suspensions and bans, so please remember to conduct business truthfully and transparently here.

      You may review DoA's Marketplace Rules regarding transaction terms and Paypal fees here:
      Marketplace Rules

      If you have any questions about these rules, please post a thread in Ask the Moderators.

      Thank you for reading, and happy shopping!
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