Marketplace Rules & Access Requirements

Dec 31, 2006

  1. Marketplace Access Requirements

    The Den of Angels marketplace is for buying, selling and trading on-topic BJDs and BJD-related items only. All onsite sales must take place in the marketplace; sales outside the marketplace are not allowed. Den of Angels has three marketplace access groups.

    1. No Marketplace Access – Users who have not met the Marketplace access and application requirements can only view the Marketplace Rules and Member Feedback areas.

    2. Limited Marketplace Access – Users who have been members for 60 days AND made 40 posts over the course of that time period may apply for limited marketplace access. They will have access to all Marketplace areas, however, they may not start new threads within the Group Orders, Splits, Original Manufacturing, and Commissionable Services forums. This allows these members to participate in group orders and splits, but not host or organize their own; they can also commission DoA members, but cannot themselves take commissions.

    3. Full Marketplace Access – Users who have been members for 180 days (6 months) AND have made 100 posts belong to this group.

    Users who had an account older than two years at the time these requirements went into effect were automatically grandfathered into these groups.

    Do not post only to bring up your post count. Do not paste the same comment in multiple threads or make posts without content. The posting requirement is a way for the community to get to know you. Introduce yourself, ask meaningful questions, participate in discussions and use your posts to get to know others.

    Once you have reached the requirements, you will need to apply for access. If you have any questions, please ask the moderators!


    The forum and its moderators do not guarantee or insure transactions against loss or damage; all buying, selling, and trading is considered to be at your own risk. For legal reasons, the moderators will not arbitrate or act as a third party in any Marketplace Transaction. If you have an unsatisfactory transaction, you are invited to post a negative feedback in the feedback forum. (For more information, read the feedback guidelines.) In serious cases, the moderators may ban a user from the Marketplace or from Den of Angels entirely based on their Marketplace behavior.

    We recommend that users buy and sell with care to avoid scams and theft. You can do this by checking out feedback, Problem Transactions, looking at eBay feedback, watching for status flags and checking against previously banned member information, or asking for references. Always make sure to get more than one method of contact – email, physical address, phone number, etc. – in the event of problems.
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  2. Marketplace Rules
    1. You are responsible for all transactions under your username and may only transact business on your own behalf. Do not help people use the Marketplace if they do not have Marketplace access. You may not offer a shopping service that allows non-members to buy or sell in the Marketplace.

    2. If you don't have it, you can't sell it. Do not sell items that are not in your physical possession. This includes items on order or layaway, as well as those left with family or friends while you are at school or away from home. Do not post 'item wanted' threads for new releases until people have begun receiving them.

    3. Don’t list an item in the Marketplace unless you are sure that you want to sell it. (No “feelers”.) If you are taking offers, you must suggest a starting price.

    4. Do not post recast or stolen dolls.

    5. All dolls sold in the Marketplace must be on topic. You must identify the maker of all dolls or resin doll parts that you sell, and identify head sculpts by name. Do not list dolls of unknown origin.

    6. Clearly state all payment terms in the sales thread. Do not change the payment terms privately.

    7. State layaway terms clearly. If you require a “monthly payment”, clarify whether this means one payment in each calendar month, or one payment every 30 days. Taking the time to clarify and confirm the terms of the agreement will prevent misunderstandings.

    8. List prices and Paypal/service fees in currency (i.e. dollars or euro). Do not list fees as percentages. If you do not charge a Paypal or service fee, write "0" in the Fee Total field.

    9. When a thread is finished, do not edit its title or remove its content. Change the prefix to Finished when:
      • your item is sold, traded, on hold or on layaway.
      • your sold item is in transit to the buyer.
      • you have found the item you were looking for.
      • you have decided not to sell the item.

        If you sell part of what's listed in a thread, change the prefix to Finished and create a new thread for the remaining piece(s).

    10. Post at least one picture of the item you are selling. It must be your own current photo of the item being sold, not a company photo. Do not hotlink to company photos.

    11. You may use the Bump! link to bump your threads once per day.

    12. Raffles and lotteries are not allowed. Do not link to offsite raffles or lotteries.

    13. For auctions, list the current high bidder’s username and bid price in your thread. Auctions must include an ending date and time (with timezone). Do not link to offsite auctions.
    By buying, selling, trading, or using the Marketplace in any way, you are agreeing to these rules. Please remember that buying/selling/trading outside of the Marketplace is against the rules.
  3. Hosted Orders

    There are three types of hosted orders: group orders, custom manufacturing and splits.
    Hosted orders must be placed within six months of the initial post.

    The marketplace thread for any hosted order must give a clearly stated start date and closing date (ordering date). Any hosted order thread missing this information will be removed without notice.

    Joining an order
    Forum members with limited or full Marketplace access can join an unlimited number of orders.
    • Do not post a new thread about wanting to join. Instead, find an open order and start a conversation with its organizer.
    • By joining an order, you are committing to your purchase as much as you would be if you ordered directly from the company. Repeatedly changing your order, paying late, or backing out may be grounds for negative feedback. It is not the organizer's responsibility to extend credit or cover any of the fees associated with your order.
    Remember that you can watch the thread by clicking Watch Thread on the upper right side of the thread page. You do not need to post in the thread to watch it.

    Organizing an order
    To organize any type of hosted order, you must have at least 100 posts, have been a member for 6 months, and have a feedback thread available; this is to help ensure the safety of the Marketplace.
    • One organizer per order. The organizer is responsible for collecting money, placing and receiving the order, and sending items to participants.
    • You may organize two orders each in Group Orders, Splits and Custom Orders, for a total of six hosted orders. In the specific case of Splits members may either split two dolls or two clothing sets in one thread, or have two Split threads for one doll or one clothing set in each thread, for a maximum of two Splits at any one time.
      An order is considered current until the organizer has begun shipping the items. It's okay to split dolls ordered in a group order, but the split must be advertised separately and will count as one group order and one split.
    • Do not use order payments for anything other than that order.
    • Organisers may not charge fees for organizing orders. Dealer relationships and discounts must be disclosed.
    • You may not charge for free items that come with an order. The organizer may keep free items or give them away, but must state who is keeping any event, promotional, or free items before the order has been placed.
    • Any deadlines for orders and payments must be clearly stated in the thread. Layaway schedules should be clearly stated.
    • If a minimum-purchase threshold (item-quantity or monetary) must be reached before the order is placed, both the desired total and the current order total (item or money) must be included in the thread.
    • Any Hosted Order MP thread must include a complete list of participants. If the hosted order includes non-DOA-members, those names should be accounted for and indicated by a generic "nonmember" designation, particularly if they represent some of the purchases counting towards a minimum-order quota. Please note that allowing DoA members who have been banned from the forum or marketplace to join hosted orders as "nonmembers" may result in loss of marketplace access for the organizer.
    • One bump per 24 hour period until the order is placed. Start a new thread for each order and edit it with updates; use private conversations to communicate with participants. After the order is placed, only post in the thread to make significant updates. When the order is finished and all parts have been delivered, edit the prefix to Finished.
    • Do not promote your hosted order in discussion threads outside the marketplace.

    Specific rules for group orders
    • Organizers must participate in the order by ordering items for themselves and must list the total value of their own purchases. Do not host orders as an ongoing "public service" in order to obtain points or freebies.
    • More than one person may run a group order for a specific company. As a group organizer you are not the "official" organizer or representative for a company and may not prohibit or discourage others from hosting their own group orders.
    • You may not run a Group Order for items from the businesses you represent. As a member, you may run a Group Order for items unrelated to your business. All rules for organising a hosted order apply in this case.

    Specific rules for splits
    • Splits may only be organized before the order is placed. Otherwise you will need to wait until it arrives to sell the pieces. Once the doll has arrived, it may be sold in the appropriate size-based Marketplace area. 

    • State the prices for all split items, including those you are keeping. The price of each piece in the split must add up to the full cost of the doll, not more.

    • Split organizers must keep a significant portion of each doll being ordered. This must include either the doll's head or body, or non-optional pieces amounting to at least 25% of its total value. You must join someone else's split if you only want the eyes, wig, or other inexpensive parts of the doll. You may not order extra dolls to split for other people. You may not assign a monetary value to a free event item.
    • You may only split items which have company published price information. If the company has not released pricing information, you may not organize a split for it.
    • The split organizer must pay for the full order if any split members drop out after the order is placed. If this occurs, you may not re-open the split but must absorb the cost of the items. You can sell split items after they arrive.

    Specific rules for custom manufacturing
    • Start a new thread for each sculpt.
    • The organizer is responsible for submitting the final sculpt for approval on Den of Angels. See the forum criteria for more information on the submission process.
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  4. The Props & Miscellany Marketplace

    The props & miscellany marketplace is for BJD-related and BJD-scale items only. We do not consider something an "accessory" just because a doll can hold it. If it is readily available at a craft store like Michaels, your local dollar store or Home Depot, it is probably not appropriate to sell here. Items must be of high quality and appropriately-scaled.

    Conventionally published BJD-specific books are allowed only if you can provide proof that you have been granted permission by the manufacturers to picture their sculpts in your book. Please ask the moderators for permission to sell your book on Den of Angels.

    The following items cannot be sold on Den of Angels:
    • off-topic dolls
    • certificates of authenticity
    • human-scale jewelry or clothing (rings, watches, earrings, buttons, shirts, etc.), even if they are "doll-related."
    • sewing notions, fabric and craft materials
    • paint, brushes, pastels, airbrushes and accessories that are readily available outside Asia
    • sandpaper or sanding sponges
    • epoxy, air dry, or polymer clay
    • movies, manga, or anime (even if it features a BJD)
    • gaming systems or games
    • cameras or camera accessories (unless they are doll-scaled)
    • plush, either handmade or commercial
    • repurposed toys (large or small), action figures, McDonald's toys, Littlest Petshop toys
    • keychains or phone straps
    • model or figure kits
    • gachapon (unless it is high-quality, doll-appropriate in the correct scale)
    • food-shaped erasers, silly bandz
    • books about off-topic dolls (Blythe, Barbie, Koitsukihime, Belmer)
    • craft or human organizers as dressers or other furniture
    • temporary tattoos/stickers/nail art gems or designs
    • obscene or adult items

    If you aren't sure if an item is appropriate, post in Ask the Moderators with photos/descriptions of your items.
  5. Handcrafted Goods and Customization Services

    Members must be able to purchase or commission anything shown in the marketplace without having to leave Den of Angels. There is flexibility in offering items and services, but there are basic requirements:
    • Items and services must be your own original work, or done by an in-house member of a small atelier.
    • List all prices, sales terms and ordering information. Links to Etsy or other shops are allowed, but the Marketplace thread must include all relevant purchasing/ordering information.
    • You must be willing to conduct sales and commissions via contact through Den of Angels.
    • Show only items and services that are currently available, with prices listed.
    • For custom work, provide examples of past work with price ranges. Portfolios of past work and customer photos are ok, but should not occupy the first post of your thread.
    • Clearly differentiate between ready-made and custom items, to avoid confusion.
    • Do not simply show an assortment of past work and an offsite link. If that's all you want to do, we sell advertising banners!
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  6. Swaps

    The Swaps forum is for member-organized swaps of items. No money is exchanged.

    Joining a swap
    Members with limited or full Marketplace access can join an unlimited number of swaps.

    Remember that you can subscribe to threads by using the Thread Tools dropdown menu in the upper righthand corner of the thread.

    Organizing a swap
    To organize a swap, you must have at least 100 posts, have been a member for 6 months, and have a feedback thread available; this is to help ensure the safety of the Marketplace.

    Specific rules for swaps
    • Organizers are responsible for setting swap parameters and determining whether they have been met. Participants should contact the organizer if their swap partner does not meet these requirements.
    • Feedback should be left between organizers and participants only, not swap partners. See the feedback rules for details about swap feedback.
    • Swaps may not be promoted in discussion threads.
    • Picture exchange threads can be started in the Meetups and Events Gallery. While these are a nice extra to round out the swap experience, the host cannot make posting photos a requirement for leaving good feedback to a participant who has otherwise fulfilled the requirements of the swap.
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