ReRelease [Marshmallow] Pre-order Open♡

Aug 23, 2018

    1. [​IMG]
      Marshmallow is back more cute & sweet!
      Hope you meet soft kittens♡

      Order period : 2018. 8. 24 ~ 31 pm 23:59

      *Online mall Grand Open event*
      Gift of glass eyes(color random)
      When purchasing Fullset Marshmallow
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    2. Why is there an extra charge for the tails in the basic and full set? I'm confused because there is no option to not get them. And the price listed isn't the actual price of the doll?
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    3. It is to allow buyers to choose tail part!
      The price of the two tails is different. (They're different in size.)
      So if select tail parts will see total price.
      The reason we set up this way,
      was asked to make a choice a tail part from the previous order.
      because Originally used to include two tail parts of one doll.
      And cannot purchase single items except tail part.
      because there is a tail magnet hole in the body.
    4. Oh, ok. Thank you.
    5. Thank you for your attention
      have a nice day :kitty2