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MarshPants Second Anniversary Sales Event

Aug 10, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      It's hard to believe my webstore has been in business for two years and to celebrate, I've got some exciting events planned.

      In the spirit of giving back to my DoA friends, from August 10-17 all trousers and skirts are buy two, get the third for free. This is valid even for multiple sets of two - for every two you buy, a third is free!

      But wait, there's more! Every day during the promotion period one lucky purchaser will be chosen by random drawing to receive a FREE $20 Virtual Voucher to use on a future purchase!

      So celebrate along with MarshPants, because it's all of you who have made this possible!


      For a look at all the latest available styles and fabrics, check out the website - the banner in my signature will get you right there!

      Congratulations Jasperjin! You're the Day 1 winner - here's your Virtual Voucher!


      Congratulations, Day 2 winner Sistinas! Here's your voucher!


      Congratulations, Sistercuervo! You're the Day 3 winner!


      Congratulations Spensers_mom! You're the Day 4 winner!


      Congratulations Kaeru! You're the Day 5 winner!


      Congratulations Katsai25! You're the Day 6 winner!


      Congratulations TheFontBandit! You're the Day 7 winner!

      The last winner, Hemlock_inyx, received a $25 gift certificate!!!! I can't upload the picture due to some issues with Photobucket. Thanks to everyone who made this celebration such a success!!
    2. Dustbunnie - There are no exclusions on fabric choice. You may choose any fabric you desire for your free pair or any pair.

      InkyBear You can absolutely mix and match sizes, but the free pair will be the least expensive size chosen.

      AerynAerie Actually, I've been selling on DoA since 2005, but the MarshPants website opened on August 17, 2007!
    3. Glyndon - PMd you! But new fabrics can be found on page 22 of my thread.