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Marti Presents Dolls - Babette and Rin Sakurako - 56cm

Feb 3, 2011

    1. I thought I would start a thread for these lovely girls.

      Link to NEWS thread


      Total height: 56 cm, 22 inch
      Torso length: 17 cm, 6.7 inch
      Leg length: 31.5 cm (naked foot on), 12.4 inch
      Neck length: 3.5 cm, 1.4 inch
      Lower arm: 7 cm, 2.7 inch
      Upper arm: 8 cm, 3.1 inch
      Lower leg: 13.7 cm, 5.4 inch
      Upper leg: 15.5 cm, 6.1 inch
      Hand size: 5 cm, 2 inch
      Head: 20.5 cm, 8.1 inch
      Foot size: 6.3 cm, 2.5 inch
      Shoulder width: 10.5 cm, 4.1 inch
      Wig size: MSD wig, 7-8 inch
      Eye size: 14 mm
      Neck circumference: 8 cm, 3.1 inch
      Hip circumference: 27 cm, 10.6 inch
      Waist circumference: 17 cm, 6.7 inch
      Bust circumference: 21 cm, 8.3 inch
      Skin color: normal (a little paller than Volks normal skin)

      I love their moulded high heels. Very nice.
    2. I instantly fell in love with those girls, they are so special and unique. Especially Babette. She is simply lovely. So I switched my financial conscience off and just ordered her ^^ Even better, marti is in EU, I am in EU, so no hellish custom fees!!

      I am totally excited to get her and see how she will look for real :)
    3. I've ordered Babette simply because her body shape is perfect for one of my characters. How difficult it was to find a small SD-sized girl with small breasts and wide hips...but Marti's girls hit the spot! They're very lovely, and I love how handmade they seem, they look like being made with love :3
    4. I totally agree. Rin & Babette are so unique. I love that they are totally made by Marti. I ordered Rin Sakurako. I just LOVE her & can't wait to see her in person. She is going to be very special in my collection. Marti is a very nice person to deal with and responds asap to emails--excellent communication!!
    5. No way I can afford her, but Babette is definitely gorgeous and elegant. I just love her cheekbones!
    6. Congratulations everyone who has already ordered. I would definitely order Babette if I could. Got to pay off my Rosen first but I can see her in my very near future. I love her fine features. They are both very unusual beauties. :)
    7. Thank you so much sylvian for starting discussion thread! I'm really happy that you love my dolls!

      I'll be happy to answer all your questions about my dolls girls! Making them is such a joi for me, I really can't wait to ship them out for you :)

      Now I'm going back to work :)
    8. I just want to say Congratulations Marti on the start of your doll line. These girls are amazing! I hope they don't sell out before I can save up for one.
    9. These dolls are absolutely stunning, I'm in love with them too. I had just made up my mind to buy real skin JID Asa or SID Soo from Iplehouse when I saw Rin & Babette in the news section here and was hit for six! I like the fact they are smaller than the average 'SD' size as it makes them so look delicate and petite. I really am having trouble deciding which one I want, Rin's face is divine and that nose is so unique and fits a character my sis and I invented perfectly...but...Babette, God she's just gorgeous, with her sweet pouting face, she makes me think of Brigitte Bardot or some other French starlet of the 60's/70's, all natural beauty and elegance. Gah, which one to get! I want them both but I'm sure they will sell out before I can afford that :...(
      what kind of characters will people make with these girls? Soooooo looking forward to seeing them pop up in the DOA galleries!
    10. SkadiGoddess- thank you for such a warm welcome !
    11. I will try to turn my Babette into Cosette the girl in 'Les Miserables' from Victor Hugo. The moment I have seen her it was what came in my mind. I got plenty of time because she's on layaway.
    12. Marti - do you plan on making any more girls after Babette and Rin? They're absolutely gorgeous and I'd love to see more work from you in the future.
    13. strawberrilori- Thank you for your question :). I'm happy you like my dolls!
      At the moment I don't have plans for new dolls. Those two are taking all my time right now.
    14. Rin & Babette are so beautiful. Very flexible in styling. Congratulations Marti.
    15. Yeah!!! Faceups!!!!

      Marti - will the faceups offered be the same as the ones on your website? They are both so beautiful!!!
    16. The face ups are amazing!!
      I really wish I could afford Babette, she's simply awesome !!! Strong and at the same time so fragile..
      She's a pure ethereal beauty!
    17. Dear Sylvian

      make-up's are custom but they can be made as the ones on the website. glad you like them :D
    18. I'm in awe...those two are so unique and pretty...I really wish I could afford babette; I love the scar you gave her and those high heel feet are to die for...so chic but still playfull...just wow...
    19. Thank you Azra, I hope you'll like my new girl- Palageya Anushka. She's cooming soon! I wasn't planning on making any new girls, but she just kond of...happened.

    20. My Babette arrived today! I am so happy with her, I really adore her thoughtful little face!

      The whole transaction was a really wonderful experience, Marti answered emails quickly and constantly updated me about the progress. She even took efforts to finish her a bit faster so that I could receive her this week while I am still at home. Babette arrived safely packed in a white wooden box and really beautiful pink cushions. She herself is everything I expected of her - a wonderful face and a very well made body. I especially like the hands and feet. The resin is very heavy, but I could handle her well. I love her resin color, such a pretty pale skintone. Her name is Rosa :aheartbea

      Here you can see my beautiful Rosa, after the long and perilous journey from Poland to Germany ^^

      Thank you so much, marti, for my stunning girl and the perfect transaction! I really cannot wait to get her a face up now :D