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Marti Presents Dolls- Doll Phone Charms

Apr 17, 2011

    1. Dollfie Phone Charms.

      Those charms are made with resin parts of my dolls.

      I've been asked to make them for a long time now. I have one of those
      strapped to my cell phone and lot's of my friends like it. So I've
      decided to make them for sale.

      I'm using it for several months now and it's no problem in daily use.

      Cost of one Charm is 25$ + shipping. You can ask for the nails to be
      painted as you like, left or right hand or feet. Normal skin color.
      They will be shipped within 3 days. Paypal payment available.

      Please e-mail me for more info and orders at marti@presents.pl