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! Marti Presents Dolls - First Year Celebration SALE !

Feb 10, 2012

    1. [​IMG]

      Dear Friends!

      Marti Presents Dolls is celebrating one year anniversary this February. I would like to thank you all, my doll friends, for your support and help. It wouldn't be possible without you!

      All February we'll be holding a special promotion sale for all Marti Presents Dolls. Order Basic Line doll from 10th February, 2012 to 29th February, 2012 and you'll get:

      – Free shipping worldwide.
      – You can choose the breast size for Basic Line Dolls (normal, big or corset).
      – You'll get high heel feet and hoof shoes free.
      – You can choose a Special Order head mold in Basic Line order.
      – Five first orders will get an one extra surprise head mold for free.

      Please take a look at my web page http://marti.presents.pl/ or contact me at marti@presents.pl

      Thank you for this amazing year!
    2. Are layaway orders possible with this special event? And how many months do you offer for layaway? But the most important question: The price for a doll within this event is $880, right? Sorry for so many questions, I'm very excited about all this! :sweat
    3. Hi Zomboid

      Yes, layaway of 3 months is available. The price is 880$, shipping free

      Thank you for your question, hope it's clear now
    4. Where can I see pictures of the corsettet breasts and the pony hoof shoes? ^^
    5. You can see previews on my webpage, but I'll add better photos on Monday :)
    6. Can you order only the head? If not, please consider this option possibly for the future! Thank you!!!
    7. I'm sorry, but head's only aren't available