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Update Marti Presents Dolls new order system and price increase

Oct 12, 2011

    1. Those who were on the LDoll show do know, that there will be a price increase on my dolls. I promised to write some info after the show, so here it is.

      From the new year there will be a change in my ordering rules and prices. The standard dolls (normal skin Babette, Rin Sakurako, Palageya Anushka, Sweet Dream Babette and Akie Sakurako) will cost 880 $ and high heel shoes won't be a part of the set. Custom make – up will cost 50 $.

      There will be also a Special Order available. In this one Pure Babette head mold will be available as long as all other head molds (Babette, Rin Sakurako, Palageya Anushka, Sweet Dream Babette and Akie Sakurako). You can order your doll in normal or white skin tone, and you can also request how pale you want me to make your doll. Each white skin doll's color will be made on a individual order. In Special Order you can also choose a doll with small or big bust. The big boobies part's cast has got only initial shape, and all the details are made by hand, so each Special Order doll with big bust part will be OOAK. You can also choose 2 of 3 feet available – the flat ones, high heels or hoof shoes. Cost of a Special Order doll will be 1100 $.

      At the moment I have a lot of orders to make, so I'm opening last 10 slots for dolls at old price. They'll be open until 1st of January, 2012. After that time ordering will be closed. I'll open ordering at new prices after finishing all dolls I'm working on, now. Dolls from this order will be made around February-March.

      To reserve a slot please send me an e-mail, telling what doll would you like to order. Those dolls aren't available in layaway (layaway is only available for people from LDoll that asked me about it and it'll be 3 months max).