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Marti Presents Dolls- OOAK dolls for LDoll festival AFTEREVENT

Oct 5, 2011

    1. Hi!
      Finally, all dolls from LDoll Festival are on after event. Please wisit my webpage


      to see more photos of all LDoll dolls, there is lot's of photos there! JUst click "dolls" section, right under my regular


      "It's Personal"

      Head mold: Sweet Dream Babette
      Skin color: White
      Body: MPD01, cast hoof shoes

      I wanted to make a doll like this as long as I can remember. Usually I'm avoiding making dolls that are so personal, because it's hard to part with them. I prefer to make them blank and give the opportunity of creating doll's personality to the owner. But sometimes you just have to make a doll that's 100% you, and this was the main idea for this SD Babette.

      I chose this head mold, because lots of people are telling me that when I smile I look just like her. It's something in her eyes they say. I never considered my dolls similar to me, for sure never sculpted them to look like me but if so many people see similarities, there must be something about it. So it was simple, I knew from the beginning which doll to make my special.

      I was looking for a fabric for her dress for a long time, but couldn't find anything that was perfect. I needed something delicate and ethereal, plus, I was sure that this doll will be wearing something white. Only after visiting every fabric shop in my city and every web shop I know, I realized, that the perfect fabric was all this time in my very own closet. It was my wedding dress, hanging there looking sad and forgotten. It was a perfect opportunity to give this dress second life, make it important again. It was a hard decision to cut it, but it was worth it. Looking at Babette in this dress, with shoes the same color as my wedding shoes I felt so happy. I thought that after going so far in making this doll personal I should take one more, final step. As hair are one of the most important aspect of every doll I make, I had to make it unforgettable. I love to touch dolls hair and I'm always very strict about quality. I spend long time wondering, how the hair of this doll should look. I couldn't make it less important then her dress. The decision again was simple โ€“ just to cut my own hair and make a wig with it. I feel, that this doll is as me as a doll can be. She's all I've always dreamed about while collecting and creating dolls โ€“ my own, individual, perfect doll. Just the way I wanted.

      Dress made in french lace, cut from artist's wedding dress. Handmade embroidery, with batiste underskirt. Hair piece made of felt, handmade embroidery in colorful stripes with puff's on the side.
      Hand painted face, manicure and shoes. Glass eyes, handmade wig, made of artist's own hair.
      One of a kind doll.



      "Fashion Colors"

      Head mold: Rin Sakurako
      Skin color: Normal
      Body: MPD01, bare feet

      Rin Sakurako was always a three colored doll for me. Although she looks amazing in every hair color and stylization, she was made as brunette. I had a clear vision of this doll from the beginning. She was always most elegant, distinctive and calm of my all dolls. I love her in Japanese kimono and other Asian looks, but always wanted to make Rin that will feature three most fashionable colors โ€“ black, white and red. She's fashion herself, in a dress that can spoke volumes of who she is and what she thinks of other people.

      Making her clothes started with her toque. I've then made the rest of her outfit to match it. The main idea was to make a stripped dress, something in between of XIX century European gown and Sweeney Todd. I wanted to make it fancy, rich and looking high fashion. But she's bare feet under all her fancy and expensive clothes. I decided on that as a reminder that clothes aren't the most important aspect of who we are.

      Dress made in french lace, cotton and chiffon, handmade embroidery. Toque made of felt, handmade embroidery with paper rose decoration. Handmade mohair wig, glass eyes, bare feet.
      One of a kind doll.




      Head mold: Pure Babette
      Skin color: Normal
      Body: MPD01, cast hoof shoes

      Pure Babette is almost this same head mold as my Babette with a scar. She has some little differences on the nose and cheeks and that's why she's a separate head mold for me. This is first time I'm making Pure Babette, so I wanted to make her fresh and delicate. That's why I decided to make her a spring spirit, dressed in lace and flowers. Her face is painted to look like she's been running in the early morning and the wind caught her cheek. I didn't want her to look like a country girl, more like a distinguished fairy queen, that's why she's wearing high heel shoes instead of going bare feet.

      Dress made of french lace, handmade embroidery on the front and sides. Felt hair piece, handmade embroidery with beads and paper flowers. Glass eyes, hand made mohair wig, painted hoof shoes.
      One of a kind.


      "It is love"

      Head mold: Palageya Anushka
      Skin color: Normal
      Body: MPD01 with big boobies, cast high heel shoe

      It's my first doll made with big boobies part. I always preferred dolls with small bust, but sometimes you need to make something new. I decided to make this particular Anushka a sexy, curved doll. She is my most childish head mold and I find it interesting to put her on a grown up woman body. It gives whole new quality to her story.

      Nude doll, glass eyes, hand made mohair wig and painted high heel shoes.
      One of a kind.



      "Tokyo Story"

      Head mold: Akie Sakurako
      Skin color: Normal
      Body: MPD01, bare feet

      As some of you may know I'm in love with Japan, especially Tokyo. I feel it's my place in this world and my wish is to live there all my life. Akie Sakurako, being Japanese is a perfect head mold to express my love for Japan. Making her a kimono doll was an obvious decision.

      For several years I've been learning tea ceremony and wearing a kimono is a part of this art. Wearing it it's hard and I know only few western women that can make it look natural on them. Putting a kimono on doll is even harder, if you want it to look as it should. I love it on traditional Japanese dolls, but mine aren't made in Japan. So Akie is wearing her kimono in kind of sexy, western stylized way. I didn't want her to be a make-believe Japanese doll. I wanted her to be a doll made in Poland as a tribute to the country I love.

      Silk kimono, kanzashi hair ornament, hand made mohair wig, glass eyes, bare feet.
      One of a kind.


    2. the after event is open, thank you!
    3. Thank you for taking part in LDoll Afterevent. There are 3 dolls
      left for adoption- Pure Babette, Rin Sakurako and Palageya Anushka.
      Please see "gallery" for details or e-mail me :)