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Masayoshi's Feedback

Jan 28, 2011

    1. Feedback for Masayoshi

      If I've ever bought/commissioned anything from you or you've ever bought anything from me, please leave me some feedback~
    2. Masayoshi bought a delf wig from me. She was a perfect buyer! She paid quickly and let me know when the wig arrived. Thanks!
    3. I sold a doll head to Masa on a layaway, she made correct payments and was very easy to communicate with!
      Loved our transaction, thank you for your business and enjoy the SOULDOLL Maillo Scar head!
    4. Masayoshi - bought Tedros IPLEHOUSE wig from me !
      The communication was awesome, paid quick. :)
      I totally recommend she as a buyer! Thanks again !!!!:D
    5. Masayoshi has bought an Akando from me. She's wonderful to deal with, paid even faster than planned and replied to PMs promptly. Thanks for this easy transaction and giving my boy a new home! :aheartbea
    6. Masa brought a doll off me, prompt payments and good communicaton. <3
    7. Masa bought two pair of shoes from me. She was again very friendly and paid superfast. It was a pleasure to deal with her again and can highly recommend her!
    8. Thank you so much my outfit arrived safe today and its beautiful
      great seller lovely to deal with xxx
    9. Masayoshi bought a Luts Bory from me. This was a perfect transaction, and I can recommend to anyone out there:-)

      Thank you so much!:-)
    10. Another perfect transaction with Masayoshi! :) She bought two pairs of eyes from me, and again everything went smoothly. Thanks a million! <3
    11. Masayoshi did my Iplehouse SID Lee's new faceup and I could not be happier.
      I will definately be commisioning her again in the future and would recomend her to anyone looking for some one to do a face up for them. She was professional, listened to what I wanted and worked with me to ge the best possible result!!
    12. Masayoshi bought an outfit from me. She was very friendly, informative and prompt with payment. She's a great buyer and I definitely recommend her!
      Thank you!! <3
    13. I sold a Chalco body on layaway to Masayoshi and she was wonderful to work with. She paid on time and was very pleasant and polite. I would highly recommend her!
    14. Masayoshi bought some eyes and wig from me. Communication was excellent, payment was prompt and she was in whole a great buyer to deal with. Thank you so much!
    15. I've commissioned to Masayoshi some tattoos,she was very patience and she made GREAT tattoos,a very pleasant deal,Thanks so much!!
    16. Sold some SD accessories to Masayoshi. Paid promptly and good communication. Thanks!
    17. Masayoshi bought an Iplehouse Tedros from me on layaway and paid on time and quickly! A pleasure to work with.
    18. Masayoshi has bought DOD DOT Shall from me on layaway and also some SD clothes for Shall. Thanks for this perfect transaction, it was a pleasure to deal with Masa, she paid on time or even faster and communication was excellent. I would highly recommend her! Thank you very much!
    19. Masayoshi bought a pair of guitars from me. Masayoshi was as quick with communication and payment and let me know when they arrived. It was a wonderful transaction and I would reccomend her to anyone ^_^ Thank you so much!
    20. I sold a necklace to Masayoshi and i was paid quickly and i was told when it arrived. Overall excellent transaction and hope they love the necklace :D