Maskcat 26cm Line Discussion part 1

Jul 13, 2017

    1. Here's a place to discuss about the 26cm sized dolls of Maskcat! :kitty2

      Maskcat website

      26cm Line

      Body photos

      The little girls can wear clothes in Azone, Pullip and Blythe size.
      Here are two comparison photos:

      Comparison photo 1
      Comparison photo 2

      Body size:
      Head circumference: 18cm
      Height: 26.2cm
      Neck circumference:4.4cm
      Chest circumference:10.2cm
      Waistline: 8 cm
      Hipline: 11.3 cm
      Leg length: 11.5 cm
      Thigh circumference: 6.3 cm
      Calf girth: 4.4 cm
      Arm length: 7.3 cm
      Upper-arm circumference: 2.8 cm
      Foot length: 2.2cm

      Maskcat 21cm Tiny Discussion part 1: Maskcat 26cm Line Discussion part 1
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    2. Wow she is such a sweet doll. I would love to see how she looks next to a Leekeworld yosd.. I have a Leekeworld Chole that might really enjoy a friend. They have the same neck size... so its even a possibility to change bodies as well.... oh where is my magic money tree?
    3. OH GAWD! It's everything I wanted! I love bobble heads.
    4. Thank you for the information. I was wondering about which doll will fit blythe clothes.
    5. They're both so cute, but I think I will go for Feline first. So many clothes...way too tempting.
    6. I really love Feline!! It's exactly the size i like the most! She will fit nicely with my Merry doll Round Mousse i think.
      I hope they will release her soon.
    7. I love bobble heads too and had to order Gladys. :love
    8. Hey dears now Felina has released with her own wig and eyes :)

    9. too pity the body is one part:pout:
    10. Oh no!! I was JUST thinking about how much I wanted a 26cm Maskcat girl with a smaller head so she would be more in line with my others... AND THEN SHE APPEARED... I love her! She's so adorable and cute.
    11. Oh my god!!!
      I love her! Definitely gonna try to snatch one! I' m absolutely in love!
    12. Me too, she is so adorable-- and that little face! So expressive.
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    13. I am giving very serious thought to this lovely doll. Has anyone else ordered her or able to share anything about her?
    14. Well, I did order her. :P I don't mean to double post but does anyone know what shoes she wears? Can she wear blythe shoes?
    15. I think she can, so many options if so. A whole world of cute clothes and shoes! I'm also wondering about Rement stuff, I bought an accessory bundle years ago. It would be so cool if it worked for this cutie.
    16. She should be able to! I don't have one yet but her feet are the right size for Blythe shoes.
    17. I recently got a Feline, and just adore her. I originally fell in love with her SD girls, but they are simply too big. I have her 21cm girls, but they aren't as cute, nor is her MSD. Feline is very close in looks to the big girls, a huge plus for me. Her face and body are really lovely, though the posing is not as good as dolls with the two part torso. She fits all the Blythe clothes and shoes I've tried, except pants, as her legs are quite long. Her hands and feet are small; the hands go easily into sleeves, and she can wear a variety of shoes, with socks if needed.
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    18. Great news! Will you be posting pics of her in Blythe clothes?
    19. That's the plan, but I might be too busy over the holidays.
    20. I ordered my girl! I ordered a Feline in tan--I'm so excited to have her home! Luckily I already have LOTS of clothes to dress her in... I can't wait to see how she compares to my other girls, too. I think she's going to be shorter? And more easily able to wear 1/6 shoes, which will be a relief and a terrible temptation!
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