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Maskcat 57cm Dolls - part 2

May 2, 2017

    1. I don't have the tall DT dolls so I can't help that way.

      But I will chip in and say that my Maskcat girl works extremely well with my DT7 girls so the aesthetic aspect of your idea should work.
      Nerine and Ganga




      Previous discussion thread:
      * Part 1: Maskcat 57cm Dolls
      #1 Jane, May 2, 2017
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    2. @Jane, they look wonderful together! I really didn't want ANOTHER company to fall for, though . . . :...(
    3. Hahahahahaa! That's what I said to begin with too........and I held out for a long time too. But in the end Maskcat *got* me.....and I am thrilled!
    4. Lirin - I have all sizes of DT except 18 yo and Margo (maskcat) who just got a face last weekend - I'll try to get a shot for you comparing them today.
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    5. It took a while to get a picture - rain, flooding - what a spring
      Here is my Margo (Maskcat) amongst the Dollstown girls - left to right - Elf, 17 yo, 7 yo, Margo, 5 yo and 13 yo. As you can see she is the same proportions.
      [​IMG]New Girls by Martha David, on Flickr
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    6. Thank you @Xiaoli! Your girls are all gorgeous! Is that 13 girl in the copper resin?
      Your totally right, they are all in the same proportion, and look great together.... Wow, I feel like this is a great lead on finding Alice's sister. Now I just need to save up (just! She says lol) and figure out which maskcat girl is really my favorite :D
    7. Thank you so much for the photo from me too Martha......Maskcat really does work so well with the DT dolls.
      Is your Margo on the Maskcat body please?
    8. Elf, 7 yo and 13 yo are the copper oriental resin - it looks different in different light. 17 yo and 5 yo are fresh skin.
      Margo is on the maskcat body and is the pink resin. Interestingly she is wearing a dress I made for my elf size girls and it fits great. I haven't had time to make her own clothing.
    9. @Xiaoli
      Your girls are sooooo pretty! Great to see more and more Maskcatdoll girls here! I really love their aesthetics.

      I've just brought my Edin (Maskcatdoll Evelyn) with me on my UK trip. She was not heavy but enough to make me give up my DSLR and the small digital camera I took with me instead wasn't working well. Only a few photos survived T_T and here is one of them:


      It was taken in Edinburgh castle.
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    10. Hello! This is my first time taking photo with a 50 mm STM lens which I've just borrowed from my colleague. I'm so excited now. I still need a lot of practice and my hands were shaking all the time. My first shot was dedicated to my Fargo (Maskcatdoll Margo)

      I guess I better save up for my own STM len ....
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    11. Ooooh lovely new photos since I last visited.....thank you Moria_ash
      I love the photo taken at Edinburgh castle. You did so well to give up taking your DSLR though!!!

      And did you do the face-up on Fargo?
    12. I bought a Margo and hope to get her Monday. I got a Dollheart outfit and Luts shoes for her. After looking at her measurements, they seem to fit perfectly in standard outfits. So Maskcat girls are beautiful and versatile!

      I wonder why there aren't more of them on here.
      How do they look next to other SD size girls? Does anyone have pics with others? (I see the Dollstown photo below and they look great)
    13. @Melly123 Here is a photo of the Maskcat body with the Volks SD13 body. Very similar, should fit the same clothes!

      I ordered my blank Ronia on April 10 and got a shipping notification from Banyo yesterday!! Can't wait to get her!
    14. That is a great comparison of the body! Thanks!
      Hopefully your Ronia will come quickly :)
    15. Congratulations Kuro! I ordered my painted Margo head in April and I got a shipping notice yesterday too!
      Exciting....isn't it!!!
    16. @Melly123 Thank you!

      @Jane Hopefully we'll have lots of new Maskcat girls showing up! Can't wait to see what you do with your Margo :)
    17. @kuro Thank you!
      I can never tell how a doll will be until I have them in hand, so to be honest I have no idea what I am going to do with my girl yet.........but my mind is swimming with possibilities.

      Do you have a plan for your Ronia? I am guessing yes if you ordered her blank
    18. @Jane
      Hello! I didn't do her faceup myself...I wish I could:pout:. It's a default faceup and I think it's pretty good except for the pink colour under her eyes. I think it's a bit too pink? But I really love her red lips and the freckles on her little cheeks.

      Can't wait to see your Margo!
      I took a photo of my Fargo standing next to a Volks SDGr girl. I'm afraid she's the only SD size girl I got (I got a SD boy but I've just sent him for a new faceup) . The SDGr girl body is supposed to be slimmer but they just look the same to me with their dresses on :XD:
      Fargo is a pink skin and the SDGr girl is NS.


      The SDGr girl's face is so different from Fargo that she looks like somebody who came from another planet lol.
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    19. BTW, the new hands I ordered a month and a half ago finally arrived and I quickly applied the UV cut spray sealant on them.


      Honestly the sanding was not really satisfactory...but I love the sculpt very much and well considering that they are not expensive I will complain no more. With some hand makeup I think they will make some beautiful elegant hands.
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    20. @Jane I'm planning on a pouty, sun-kissed California girl!

      @Moria_ash The hand sculpting is so pretty, especially the wrinkles in the knuckles :D And LOL, Jo's faceup is definitely stunning but in its own world, haha.