Event Maskcat Doll April event: gift new hands ; [kokdollcollection] coupons

Apr 6, 2017

    1. Hello, everyone,

      A wonderful news that Maskcat doll just released new heands type: 03 & 04.
      Also, they are holding April events along with our shop [kokdollcollection] coupons.

      Maskcat April Event ( also with our shop event)
      If you order any 57cm line girl, she will come with the two pair of new hands for free!

      And if you order one pair of the new hands you can get the other pair for 50% off.

      (Of course the dolls will come with both old hand parts during the event too, but after the event it will just be possible to buy the new hand parts separately)

      * Purchase Maskcat Doll 1/3 size blank doll, will get a US$10 Coupon (Only limited to Beetles glass eyes and QQ Wig)

      * Purchase Maskcat Doll 1/3 size blank doll With makeup, except the US$10 Coupon, you can also get a 25% OFF discounted coupon ( Only limited to Beetles Eyes and QQ Wig)

      03 hands:


      04 hands:

      Thank you very much for your time.

      KOKDOLLCOLLECTION: KOK Doll Collection | eBay Stores
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