Maskcatdoll 42cm doll line

Oct 27, 2016

    1. Discussion thread for the new 42cm doll line of Maskcatdoll. :kitty2

      Link to Maskcatdoll 42cm

      Body Size:
      Head circumference: 18.5cm
      Height: 42cm
      Neck circumference: 7.5cm
      Shoulder width: 8.5cm
      Chest circumference: 18.8cm
      Waistline: 16.5cm
      Hipline: 22cm
      Arm length: 13cm
      Leg length: 20cm

      Thigh circumference: 12cm
      Calf girth: 8.5cm
      Foot length: 5.4cm

      Skin colors: normal, white, pink, tan
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    2. Hi dears,since i did thrice change on Anne body,now she's finally finish,i will update our website soon for her wig and photos,nude body and head.You can check her photos on my Flickr now,hope you like her. :)

      Flickr link:MaskcatDoll
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    3. She is really cute!


    4. Thanks dear,our website is updated now please take a look :)
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    5. She's so adorable! :kitty1

      Will she fit regular clothes for MSD dolls??
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    6. Yes most of them,you can check her size on her page if not sure XD
    7. She's super cute and I love her nonchalant expression :D Super elegant!
      Will pictures of her body be up on the site? Can you get her as a head like your bigger girls?
    8. Yes,i'm working on Margo,new 1/3 doll now,sooner i will post Ane photos to website :)
    9. I love her, she's so cute, I really want to get this one but will have to wait until after the holidays. I don't like to order any bjds during the holidays due to the fact that they could be stuck with the postal services during the rush.

      I've added her to my 'want list' and I hope I can wait until January.
    10. She's adorable, such a wistful face. Will you be making a jointed body for the 42 cm size girls?
    11. Ah nope,not later at least XD
    12. She is very beautiful! :D
    13. Maskcat Hello!! I totally adore Anemone!! Do you have a Picture of Anemone (42cm) and a 57cm Girl? I would like to see the proportions =)
    14. I'd like to see them together, too and I haven't been able to view body pics yet and I'm curious about her jointing.
    15. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    16. Thank you! This is really helpful. Anemone is beautifully proprotioned.
    17. Jointed body or not, she is beautiful Banyo. I am so glad she is still a child (no breasts). Your girls look lovely together.
    18. Thanks dear,there's one more fullset of Anemone,i wish someone still want it XD
    19. Thanks dear,there's one more fullset of Anemone,i wish someone still want it XD
    20. Hello!!!

      Does someone have recived their Anemone?? I'm waiting for mine, but i would love to know if there other Anemone owners <3