Event MaskcatDoll New Eyes Event

Mar 7, 2016

    1. ~*~

      Hi dears! This is Maskcatdoll! ^__^

      We have some new eyes in our Shop!


      To celebrate that we do an event from now till May 1st!

      When you order any Maskcat doll you can get two extra new eyes for free. Also if you order 3 pairs of the new eyes you can get one more pair for free.

      Example pictures:


      Link to the shop: eyes

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here on DoA! ^^

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    2. Hi, Maskcat! These eyes are very pretty!

      May I ask, are they made from acrylic or glass? Thank you!
    3. Thank you very much for your interest! The eyes are acrylic eyes!
      Here you can see a photo from the Maskcat blog where you also can see how they look: http://filer.blogbus.com/12246417/12246417_1456916942c.jpg
    4. I am interested in eyes. The blog address is not available, you could share it again?
    5. Hm, on my computer all the links are working! :huh?: But here is again the link to the shop with the eyes: http://www.maskcatdoll.com/eyes.html
      Thank you very much for your interest!
    6. How does one take advantage of this? I tried to add 3 eyes to cart, but I'm not sure how to get hte promotional pair. Also, is there a certain limit where shipping becomes cheaper...?