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Masterpiece eyes 40% discount "In-the-Works" special!

May 19, 2011

    1. Hello!
      I wanted to share an Email with members of DOA I received from Masterpiece Eyes company!

      We are having a sale unlike any we have had before. We will call it
      “in-the-works special”. We are in the process of making Soft “Glass”
      for our inventory. These Soft “Glass” Eyes, listed below, are already
      half-way completed, so there will be a very short wait time before they
      are shipped. You can have any of these eyes at a 40% discount!

      This special sale will last one week, from now through May 27th. If
      you would like to take advantage of this special just call or email us.


      Rob and Gayle
      Masterpiece Eye Company, Inc.
      Toll Free 1-866-212-1273
      International 001-480-347-6980

      (1 pair each unless otherwise noted)

      5-6 mm

      Dreamy Blue
      Forest Green
      German Blue
      Light Afghan
      2 Light Old World Blue
      2 Powder Blue
      Powder Blue with larger pupils

      6-7 mm

      Blue Eclipse
      Chuck Hazel
      Dark Oriental
      Caribbean Dragon Eyes

      I listed only a few pair of eyes since the list is very long! I'm only a customer too, so
      for the complete list and any other question please contact: info@softglasseyes.com
      Thank you very much! Cheers!