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Masterpiece Eyes 40% Discount Special!

Jul 29, 2010

    1. Hello!
      Masterpiece Eyes sent a new offer you might want to consider:

      This week only. Order anything that you want and receive a 40% discount!

      (2 pair minimum order.)

      Just call or email us with what you would like to order to receive this special discount.


      Rob and Gayle

      Masterpiece Eye Company, Inc.

      Toll Free 1-866-212-1273

      International 001-423-591-1459


    2. So, come sunday the sale will be over? Or is it over on next wednesday?
    3. The sale will run through this coming Sunday!
    4. Oh,Ok Thank you :)

      1 more question please ... I didn't kno I could get eys with the veins added til I was cruising your site moments ago. I looked in the your galleries but didn't see any pics... Do you have pics of the "New" Embedded Veins eyes??

      Thanks in advance!
    5. Oh:ablink:
      And for those, who have already managed to leave the order and pay for this this week, no longer valid discount?
      I just ordered two pairs already:eek: A little pay above - and the third pair in the order could be
    6. I just wanted to clarify it: I'm not the person who owns the website! I'm just a customer.
      They regularly send emails to past costumers with special deals and I simply post it in the news section so everyone can benefit from it!
      If you have any further question please send it to : masterpieceeyes@cox.net
      Thank you!
    7. Thank you for info, dragonblood