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Masterpiece Eyes - buyer be aware

Nov 28, 2008

    1. I'm making this a buyer be aware rather than beware because the situation is tentatively resolved but I have had some serious issues with the company over the course of the last couple of months and I think potential customers should have all the facts.

      I started a group order with Masterpiece eyes (www.softglasseyes.com) in mid August 2008
      Here is the thread:

      The order period went well, everyone paid and there were no issues as far as I could see with the orders from anyone. I put all the orders in a spread sheet indicating size, color, paperweight, etc. I contacted masterpiece to see how they wanted the order and then emailed them the spreadsheet at their request.

      The order was paid and accepted on 8.26.08

      The first order arrived to me in late September (forgot to post exact day!)
      Most of the eyes were correct but there were 3 pairs missing and 2 pairs that were not the right color or were damaged. I contacted masterpiece and the group order members involved. The missing eyes were to be sent and the damaged ones remade. I also ordered more eyes for another Doa member and some other people from another board.

      During this time, I moved. I Called masterpiece on 11.4.08 to check on the status of the missing eyes and change my shipping address. I also confirmed the new address via email and recieved a response (which I saved) indicating that my address change had been confirmed.

      I got a click and ship notification through USPS on 11.21.08 (actually dated 11.19.08 but it went to spam for some reason) stating that my eyes had been delivered.

      When the eyes had not arrived by 11.26.08 I checked the tracking number again and it had no information other than that the PO had been notified that my package was going to be shipped (this is common when postage is printed online)

      That is when I noticed that the shipping address was wrong! Even after 2 confirmations.

      I contacted masterpiece immediately via email and got a response the same day. They had not even shipped the order yet!

      My concerns:
      1. first order was wrong and some eyes were poorly made
      2. second order was "shipped" to the wrong address even after new address was confirmed via phone and email
      3. shipping notice was sent 7 days before order was actually sent out. 7 days is a really long time to hold a package. 1-2 days I could understand but 7?!

      The people at masterpiece are very friendly and I did recieve another shipping notification this morning but considering the issues I thought a heads up to potential buyers was in order. For the time you spend waiting on the eyes, they should be of better quality and if you tell someone you have their new address, ship to that address! Also, I do not think holding a package for 7 days after you have sent shipping notification is a good way to do business.

      *1/4/09* I received the final sets of eyes that I was due from masterpiece. I also handed off checking on the last pair of damaged eyes to the person who ordered them so that the eyes could be shipped directly to them rather than going through me. as of now, I am done with this company. I plan to sell off all the eyes that are in good condition and never deal with them again.
    2. I am not a part of wc_dragon's masterpiece go, but I am involved with another right now. I am a little concerned after reading this about the quality of the eves I will receive. Do you have any pictures of the damaged eyes or could you be more specific about the problem with them? Out of 27 eyes in your go 5 were damaged or wrong! That is a lot! Something like a 19% error unless my math is totally wrong...
    3. There are several other threads about Masterpiece and their quality scattered around the forums. I think there are a few down in the workshop section. Good luck on getting this resolved.
    4. I was a part of the masterpiece GO, and i can vouch that the quality of the eyes is poor and not worth the money. i ordered 4 pair of soft silicone eyes, two pair of which were satisfactory, one of which was the wrong color, and one pair that were badly bubbled and warped. i decided to keep the ones that were not the right color to resell, and send the warped eyes back to WC_dragon so that she could send them back to Masterpiece to have them remade, and she told me that when the newest order arrived this Saturday, they were missing from the package. Still awaiting resolution for this issue. Personally, i will NOT order from Masterpiece again.
    5. oh man... masterpiece eyes are HORRID. they used to be really good (like many years ago - my mom has some early eyes from them) but now it's really hit or miss as to whether or not you'll get a pair of usable eyes - and their whole excuse is that they're handmade artist eyes :| (at least that was the excuse i got when my eyes were nearly a month and a half late - i had ordered just one pair)

      i ordered a pair of cat pupil afghan eyes a couple years ago - first they seemed to have "forgotten" about my order until i asked them several times... finally get the eyes only to find the pupils are like 2x the size of the sample ones on the site AND they started ripping (yes, the eyes ripped!) within a month of gentle use (they had only been put in and taken out of a doll twice by that point)

      if you want eyes like masterpiece, i hear eyeco is really good quality and very friendly and sell basically the same eyes.
    6. I did receive one complete order from them on Saturday and one pair of the missing eyes. After several months of waiting I am still waiting for the missing polymer eyes to arrive as well as two pairs of soft glass eyes from the first order. I used to have masterpiece eyes in all my dolls but at this point I won't be ordering from them again.

    7. Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the damaged ones before I sent them back. Two pair had very bad bubbles and never should have been sent out as completion of an order in the first place. The other pairs were not the correct color. There is little to no quality control with the orders. Each time, I've gotten wrong eyes and poor quality eyes mixed in with some very nice ones.

    8. No problem. This is such a shame they have such a great selection. I should have done more research before I placed my order.
    9. I was not part of this group order but earlier this year I partcipated in one and the experience was very dissapointing. They kept telling us that the eyes were going to me made and it took a little over 3 months then mine were damaged and had to be remade.

      I have avoided the MP group orders since. I think that something is going on with the company to makethe customer service go down so much.