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Matching Heads for DZ Normal Skin? Hybrids.

May 28, 2007

    1. I've been browsing and searching, but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. (Mostly because only one type or skin was noted and not the other) :sweat

      I'd like to know what other doll heads comfortably match and fit on DZ normal skin boys & girls? The head type, company and skin. (NS, BW, etc) I'm especially interested in searching for vampy and elf heads. :D

      Any help would be appreciated. Thankies~ :aheartbea
    2. Dream of doll's normal skintone works well with dz ns.
      I have a Hybrid, and at some point there was(is?) a Bee-a with a DZ girl body.

      There'a an Angel Region NS Luna head on a DZ ns body.
      He belongs to Dandansama.

      I've seen Volks heads on DZ bodies too.
      (some version of normal skin... I'm not very familiar with volks' resin colors)

      DZ resin doesn't match luts very well to my knowledge.... Although I'm willing to be wrong.
    3. I think luts is more yello-ish green ish skin @_@ ......so don't think luts would match that well ..
      recently the DoD resin batch are really pink..so watch out ..
    4. how well does leeke match? id like to see some pics of peeks wood and dollzone resin comparison, also. im sorry, but i just find peakswood bodys terrible looking!
    5. Bobobie/Resinsoul's NS is *almost* a match for dollzone's pinky NS. I cant remember which one is pinker though >_< im almost positive if you let the pinker one yellow slightly, it would be a dead ringer. And BBB/RS also has several elf heads :D
    6. Which resin shades do you need to see with PW and DZ? I can tell you that DZ NS and PW NS are not even close. Pw has a very peachy tone. Pictures make them look lighter than they are IRL. Neither the yellow nor the pink of DZ normal skin are a good match.I love the PW body, but everyone has thier preferences! She has a cute little girl type look.