Matching HUMAN Clothes with your Dolls!

Apr 7, 2018

    1. Recently, I just finished a faceup on my gray skinned doll (Wakeup Rosemii from Peakswoods), and dressed her all up.
      I wanted to plan some of my own outfits that matched her so we could be fashionable together!
      I wear lolita fashion on a daily basis and I purchased my dolls as an accessory to my fashion hobbies. I dream to match all my clothes with my dolls.
      Do you guys also match with your dolls, and if so what inspires you to do so?
      How often do you do it? Are there special occassion you do it?

      Left Outfit rundown:
      Handmade laced straw hat
      Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Creeping Rose OP
      Metamorphose temps de fille raschel lace frill socks
      Vivienne Westwood Three strap ribbon heels

      FOC Peakswoods Rosemii Blossom as Alice in Fantabulousland in Pink Punch

      Baby, the Stars Shine Bright x Volks Gingham Check Doll Dress Set for Lieselotte

      Right outfit rundown:
      Vivienne Westwood World's End John Bull Hat
      Angelic Pretty x Imai Kira Vintage Garden OP
      Matching Mole x Yuka Knee High Socks
      Offbrand pearl glitter shoes
      FOC Peakswoods Rosemii as Black Alice in Twistedland in Gray Skin

      Angelic Pretty Cirque L'toile Mini Hat
      Peakswoods Alice in Fantabulousland White Rabbit Coordinate set
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    2. Wow! I love the matching outfits. They are beautiful. I'm toying with the idea of getting a cheongsam to match one of my doll's outfit, since a relative of mine is getting married. I could use it as an excuse to get a formal cheongsam (since I never had one and it would be fun to dress like my doll for a change) to wear to his wedding/ chinese banquet :XD:
    3. -Waves to fellow lolita- :chocoheart

      That is so cute! I love the idea of matching my female doll to my coord. Aside from a black jsk I made her, though, she doesn’t have anything that would match me too well. I keep my eye open for dresses for her with the thought I may have to break down and sew if I don’t see anything quite right.
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    4. I always find it neat when someone matches their doll's clothes to their own clothes and vice versa! I also have my dolls for fashion purposes and I think it's a great outlet. :whee:
    5. My dolly and I once wore matching shoes to a doll show and it was actually totally by accident. In the summer I wear these leather sandals I made, and I had made the doll a pair and it kinda slipped my mind that I wear the same darn shoes most days.
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    6. I like this idea. It's fun and great! I'd like to try. Someday... )
    7. I don't regularly do it, but I do have a pair of checkered Vans like Jack! (Technically, I had mine first, so he has a pair like mine. XD)

      I've started making my own dresses, and I have enough left over fabric, I've considered making some for Roxxi and Erica to match me. I'd really only dress to match for conventions and maybe doll meets.
    8. Oh that is sooooooo cool! and so adorable! At some point I would love to do it, but first I need my doll and better sewing skills. >.<
    9. How adorable! :aheartbea
      I personally don't match my dolls clothes to my clothes. But I've been learning to sew for my infant daughter and toddler son. So I've been keeping the scrap material in hopes to use it for my dolls too.
      However, I LOVE the lolita style. I use to help a guy pick out accessories for his Lolita outfits when I was younger and working in a costume jewelry store. I always wanted to dress up like that and dress my dolls in the same style.

      But...I mostly have boy dolls. :sweat

      Your outfits are so cute though!!! :thumbup
    10. I come from a large family, my mother used to dress us all alike. I hated it and in fact the idea gives me shudders of horror.
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    11. I've got a couple of guys I try to match with every now and then. It's really fun trying to mix aesthetics with my dolls. :)
    12. That's a neat idea and I'd love to see some photos of people who do this! Actually I'm following an instagram account where the lady always dresses like her doll and they even pose in a similar way:D
      But I don't think that I'd ever dress like one of my dolls since our taste in clothing just doesn't match at all. My dolls either wear dresses or traditional japanese clothing and I prefer to wear blouses and jeans.
    13. I once did this unintentionally :sweat


      I love making my favourite band tshirts in doll size. That day I just happened to be wearing it too :lol:
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    14. thats so cool :aeyepop:<3
      I want for my mini-me - BJD, also clothes they matching with me. But i dont find clothes or cant good enough sewing.
      But yours and Hyzenthlay looks so nice and great <3
    15. I matched shoes with one of my dolls for a meetup once :XD: It was fun.

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    16. Ah man I need to start snapping more photos of my guys and I together when we're matching. :XD:
    17. I think it is soo cute if i were younger i would do that.!
    18. I love seeing photos of doll owners dressed as their bjds, it's so cute and creative :) I think that when I'll have my first doll we'll have the same shoes, just because I'm kind of addicted to collecting them :lol:
    19. I'm totally guilty of this :lol: I've noticed I happen to have the same clothes as my dolls and intentionally dressed us the same, and even commissioned my favorite accessory in doll size!

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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