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mature body for kid delf? (not minifee)

Dec 27, 2006

    1. Hi

      I have a friend who's interested in buying for her kid delf head a mature body, but she prefers not to choose minifee bodies.

      we've searched around and we've found that there are some bodies, but we want to know if there are other possibilities. Her doll is a normal skin ani.

      - dollzone - I've seen that tinybear had a hybrid, how is the resin match?

      - bluefairy blossom body - how is the resin match? and is there neck compatibility? (no infos found, only on male bodies)

      - serendipity ismy - has anybody tried?

      - limwha for you - has anybody tried?

      - narae - I think she'll be too big-headed

      - DIM happy - I've only seen a hybrid with a DOD MSD head, and oit might work but we don't know nothing.

      - others - do you know?

      I don't know much about MSD; so please if you have some of these, would you mind see how they fit togheter? Or if you've a hybrid, or know a different mature body, can you tell me?

      thank you

    2. Somehwere in the Marketplace Dolls section I saw a Delf kid head on a a Serendipity body. The owner said she had to create a mount for the head from Sculpey, and I am not sure which Serendipity mature girl body she use.

    3. someone on here has a Kid Delf Ttori on a Latiblue body, and it looks really good, I am considering getting a body like that for mine...
    4. well narae is french resin so unless the head you're matching it with is also french resin i don't think it would be a good idea.
    5. Girl Kid Delfs and Boy Kid Delfs have the same neck size, in case that helps you out.

      Good Luck with your search!
    6. thank you kiyono!
      but I meant... do girl kid delfs and minifee girls have same head size?

      about the other people, thank you!

      Please add info if you have some ^_^
    7. I have a Kid Delf Ttori on a Blue Fairy Blossom body and I love it! My Ttori was an older head, so the resin matches perfectly- body and head are both slightly pink. I didn't have to do anything special to put the head on; I just put the head on and the S-hook holds it to the body- Lavinia's head is the old style, though, with the little ring for the S-hook in the headcap. The body poses like a dream unsueded and unwired. My selling points on a body are the legs and the figure, and I'd have to say the Blossom body is excellently sculpted all over. Bluefairy's customer service is great, too. :)
    8. I have a Kid Delf Ani head on a dollzone body - I think it looks great! The white skin matches fine, but I don't know how normal skin would be. Here are some pics for you: hope it helps!



      Edit: Sorry - those pics are huge. And I have no idea how to fix it. This is the first camera I've ever owned.... it shows.
    9. wow that's the best pic i've seen of a KDF on a dz body thanks~!
    10. thank you aaaaall!

      the BF blossom body looks very natural... the DZ one does too, I've seen some photos but these are better XD

      I will update the first post later ^_^
    11. Lati Blue body is a PERFECT match. We have a Kid Delf Ttori head on Lati Blue body. Lemme see if I can drag up a picture.
    12. I really need to know if a kid delf and a DIM happy boy body are a match! Does anyone know? ^^;
    13. bumping this thread ^^

      I would like to get a KDF Kiwi and would love to see some more hybrid pictures! especially for normal skin
    14. souldoll would probably work seeing as a i have a MNF head on a souldoll girl body. but some of these hybrids may not work any more cause some of the resins listed in this thread have changed color over the years and this is originally from 06. so keep that in mind.
    15. My elf cherry, Lechi, is on a bobobie body. The color may be off a smidge, but I really don't notice it. Maybe if you stared at it for a while in good lighting. It's never shown up in my pictures. She also has the Lati Censya archer hands because I hate bobobie hands. Mythdoll hands also work well if you're interested in Frankendollying.

    16. Nowadays, Bluefairy's normal skin does not match Kid Delf's normal skin. The normal skin is too light compared to Bluefairy's normal skin. If you were to get ahold of a misty rose skin Bluefairy body, I'm sure you would be fine.