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Mature Faced MSD Males???

Mar 21, 2016

    1. Do they exist? I have found so many wonderful male faces in the larger sizes, but when you get to 1/4 I feel like I'm looking at girls in pixie cuts. Don't get me wrong. They are super cute and I will probably get one someday, but I guess I don't understand why they make mature girls in that size and no mature boys. The best I seem to be able to do is find "angry" faced boys that seem to get away from the looking like a girl face. I have noticed some companies use the same mold and just change the face up makeup. Does the face up really do the trick? Or are their hidden sculpts for boys in MSD size that I'm not seeing?
    2. There are a few out there. Unoa Elder Brother, Souldoll kids and Souldoll Vito, Batchix dolls..
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    3. Well, what exactly are you looking for in a "mature male face"?

      Face-ups have a lot of power when it comes to empathizing cheekbones and edges (even when they were none before) but they are not allmighty.

      Luts MDF line immediatelly comes to mind, as do the Iplehouse boys. Withdoll can be a good base as well, just like Souldolls.

      If you want really realistic ones the is the DollShe Fashion line.

      Souldolls Vito are a special size but people have hybrided a few heads onto smaller bodies before...
      And of course there are Sooms ID51 guys.
    4. @seffy_chan Thank you for the suggestions! I absolutely love the Vito faces. I'm just not sure I want to go that tall. I have heard about buying heads and swapping bodies. Has anyone tried a Vito head on a smaller size?

      @Snowy I guess what I mean by mature is more structured maybe? More cheekbones and stronger lines and definition. I guess so they could potentially be adults at that size too if that is how you use your BJDs and don't intend on getting larger sizes. Basically Vito is fantastic and mature. Haha. I just don't know if I want a doll that size. Can't really wrap my head around the size difference between him and the MSD. Does anyone have a comparison shot of a 45cm and the 52cm? Maybe it isn't as crazy as I'm thinking. I really like the model delfs too. Thanks for suggesting them. They seem to be my closest bet at this point to finding a sculpt that is more defined with sharper lines that doesn't look completely evil or angry. I'm sure it's in the faceup too. I will search pics of those and find some I like and buy my guy blank I'm sure.
    5. I have several pics of my MSDs and I consider my Vitos part of that group.
      As the mobile version of flickr doesn't let me use the search function on my own pics, heres one of my Vito Lester with an MDF Abadon
      Luts MDF Abadon vs Souldoll Vito Lester
      My Vito Elan with an OnlyDoll Tingyue
      And here is Vito Edmund with Soulkid Shaun and a Luts Ani

      I have a line up somewhere with more sizes, I'll look for that when I'm back home, but I think as first size related reference these three are good ;)
    6. Thank you!! That is super helpful! And I'm obsessed with your Abadon. Not sure if it's the darker resin or your faceup, but he looks way better than the sample sculpt image I had seen. The one I had seen looked younger. He looks right on par with Vito in age here. Absolutely love all the outfits too!
    7. No problem at all.
      And I think it might be because Luts tends to paint their guys androgyn. Nearly none of my boys gets a lip color other than what I think would natural. You also won't find (much if any) eyeshadow, gloss or eyelashes on my guys. And I like to darken their facial features a bit to bring out their edges more.

      So I always try to find a blank pic of heads and decide then if the mold works for me.
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    8. Dollmore's 16in FMD Fashion line are more mature looking MSD's. I have one of them and the more mature look was the reason I picked mine.
    9. I've had the same issue looking for a sculpt for Tenjin (I really wanted a mature male MSD with a smirkish look) you can check Iplehouse for that matter, though I advise getting the head only because it's troublesome to find clothes for their bodies >.<*
    10. I was going to say I just came upon iplehouse and got really excited by their MSD lineup of male sculpts. Clothes are scarce though? That is a bummer. Love their work. I want them all.
    11. Do you have a pic of yours? @OllyChimera
      #11 Meggethann, Mar 21, 2016
      Last edited: Mar 21, 2016
    12. Haha I totally feel the same way!
      Female clothes are fine, maybe a tight fit if you get a medium/large busted woman (just make sure you don't buy slim MSD clothing!)

      But I got Iplehouse Borris in muscular body and I've had issues in the regular market buying clothes for him (pants are a very tight fit and may restrict his motion, shirts don't button on him) but I find that SD clothes might fit him.. If it were a tight fit they should look nice, I'm waiting for a few clothes to arrive to actually see if it's true, he's currently wearing clothes made by me xD

      Otherwise you're limited to Iplehouse clothing only xD and that's not a wide variety
    13. Let me see if I can tag some photos here xD

      Yahoo - login

      Yahoo - login
      This is a comparison between Iplehouse Muscular body and Angel Fantasy normal body, please excuse the body blushing it diffused as it was fixed and it got scratched >.<

      And sideways
      Yahoo - login

      I hope these attachments work xP
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    14. Love him! Definitely more mature looking for sure. It's a shame about the clothes. So you switched out bodies or are still looking?
    15. Tshirts made for female or "unisex" SDs fit iplehouse JID really well, I bought one from Dollheimr on etsy for my friends JID.
      There's also a seller making jeans for JID boys on etsy too.

      I wouldn't let difficulty of clothes put you off a doll you like, because as they say, where there's a will there's a way :thumbup
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    16. I didn't switch bodies, must've grown fond of his body for the time being :XD: but I just saw candy_vampy on instagram getting a dollshe body for an iplehouse head and it looks good
      What Allstar said xD but if I were to buy another Iplehouse doll I'd get a head only, there are amazing bodies out there that I would like to have and that would fit most clothes in the market :drool
      But thanks for the heads up Allstar! Can't wait for my SD clothes to arrive then :celebrate
    17. Oh wow!!! Thank you! This is so incredibly helpful. Thank you! Thank you! Now it is really starting to make sense to me why people struggle in the clothes shopping department though. There is quite a variance in heights.

      Is that a Russian seller NatZayShop? I was stalking etsy last night to see the options. Anyone shop from there before? Love the coats they have too. I'm glad to know there are more options because I think I'm getting a bit attached to iplehouse. And you are right...where there is a will there is a way. By the way @Allstar I literally want every one of your dolls. So stunning!
      Keep us posted on how the clothes fit! I'd love to see what you bought so I can keep it in mind if it works out for him.
    18. Glad it's of help.
      I have to admit being able to sew was fundamental for me when getting into the hobby, because even thought my first two dolls didn't have any special sizes, what the market had to offer and what I wanted - and was willing to pay for it - were two VERY VERY VERY different things.

      But yes, I can only agree. If you love a doll, you love a doll. Clothes shouldn't be the K.O. for it :3
      And I could dress my Vitos in Vito Double clothes or smaller SD13 clothes. You'd just need to shorten the pants in most cases. Shoes are a bit more tricky.
      As most of my MSDs are middle-age-fantasy setting themed I'm making my own clothes either way :3