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Mature Figured Tiny Dolls?

Aug 11, 2010

    1. I'm new to the forum, and rapidly absorbing as much information as possible, and now I have a few questions!

      I've decided for my first doll I'm looking for a 27cm (or thereabouts) doll, but I'd rather have a full figured/mature doll than a child or teenage figure. I've looked through all 22 pages of the picture comparison thread and did a few forum searches and all I've found so far are Souldoll Little and Limhwa To You lines. It also appears that Elfdoll made something like I'm looking for, but I didn't see anything on their website.
      Also the off topic Volks Dollfie lines and Obitsu which I'm just sticking here for reference and possible comparison.

      Are these really the only ones? Any of these better than the others- pros or cons? Thanks!! :aheartbea

      ETA: Just adding a quick reference list to the bottom so you don't have to read through the post.

      - Souldoll Little
      - Limhwa To You Sara and Mari
      - Soom Mini Gem
      - Sleeping Elf Large dolls
      - Unoa Light (discontinued)
      - Pupa Paradise Quino (highly stylized faces)
      - Dolkot Peya (14cm tall)
      - Notdoll Tinies

      - Volks Dolfie
      - Obitsu
      - Dollmore 12in BJD
    2. hi add the soom mini gems to the list they are 27cm tall.
    3. They only tinies that Elfdoll has done are the Hana dolls which are 20cm and have a child-like body and the tinies like Kai which are 14cm and have a more mature body.
    4. There are also the Unoa Lights- the originals were made in resin and are discontinued (the newer ones are off-topic plastic) but you can occasionally find them on the secondary market. Pupa Paradise is selling Quino dolls, they have a very stylized face style if that's what you're looking for. Dollmore has some off-topic fashion resin dolls- they're listed as 12 inch FMD on the site menu (and of course there are heaps of non-resin fashion style dolls out there in that size range). It's not a very popular size so there aren't very many available but I'm sure I'm forgetting something.... :sweat
    5. I think the PlanetDoll minis could be considered mature, based on how you do the face-ups. Mine are, at least!
    6. Dolkot's hand-fairy Peya is a lovely itty bitty lady :) She's not actually a "fairy" in the sense that she has fantasy parts (no pointy ears or wings or anything.)
    7. PlanetDolls seem to have more of a teenage figure than I'm after, but I do see how the right faceup could give them a mature look. They're cute!

      OMG. Peya is GORGEOUS!! So tiny, but so beautiful :aheartbea I could totally see making a flowing gauze gown for her and giving her some diaphanous wings.
    8. Probably in the wrong section of the forum, maybe I can be redirected, but where can I find 14cm mature dolls? I only know of Elfdoll's mature tinies. What others are out there??
      Thanks much!

    9. Hmm, all I can think of are Dolkot's Peya, but she's 16cm tall.

      Dream High Studios also makes some mature tinies, but they are around 10cm tall.
    10. There's also the Sleeping Elf dolls Moona and Mina and the boys. They are around 15 cm and mature bodies. And little MiMi from Dream High Studios looks like she is going to be amazing (and is very shapely even if she only about 10 cm!
    11. Thanks everyone for the continued help!
      I thought listing things out like this would make my search easier, but instead it gets harder :lol:
      I just discovered The Sleeping Elf's Large Mina can come with Freckles on a faceup! How cute!!
    12. Ooh thanks for putting this list together :)

      There's also the new Inkling by Armeleia too.
    13. Pipos makes a large Bust for their Yos
    14. Unfortunately, I don't recall Elfdoll ever doing a 27cm doll. Perhaps you are thinking of their tiny dolls? They're much smaller than 27cm, more like half that size.

      As Nathansgirl noted, Pipos has a large bust option for their Po-11 doll, but she is still a teen-ish figure. Here's a link: http://piposland.com/board/view.php?board_name=DREAMBOARD18&choose2=&choose1=&pagenow=2&CB=&ID=7

      There's also Venus Okja from Domadoll: http://www.domadoll.com/okja/domadoll.htm
      The Planet Doll Minis aren't busty, but they're in the same range as the Sleeping Elf dolls figure-wise: www.planetdoll.com Here's a link to my girl's photo, she's definitely mature: http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b221/clochette62/Troop Tiny/Sahadistanding.jpg
    15. Sugarble dolls have a mature body option.
    16. LumeDoll recently released a very nice mature pair of dolls in this scale. Her doll, Koit, is one of the rare male dolls in this scale.


      I actually really love this size and scale, too, and really wish more BJD companies played with it.

      What's this mature body option from Surgarble? I'm interested!
    17. I made a doll that I think can be classified as a mature figure. Her name is Pirooz and she's about 23cm tall...


      More photos on my flickr :)

      According to this poll, child-like dolls seem to be more popular... interesting!

      What appeals to me are slimmer limbs, especially on taller tinies. Like, for pukipukis, obviously the chubby shape is part of the appeal. But, the larger the doll, the less I find it appealing.