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Mature little girl?

Aug 21, 2009

    1. Hello :)
      I'm terribly sorry if this is already a topic, or if it's in the wrong place. Please move or delete it, if it is.

      On to my question! I've seen a few 27 cm dolls compared to 60 cm's, and I think that they're the perfect size to be a doll's doll. Does that make sense? I want to get my 60 cm girl her own BJD to play with.
      However, I don't like the children. I want a mature, tiny girl. The only ones that I've seen are the Soom Mini Gems. And they don't really have any sculpts that I like. So could anyone here turn me on to some other little women? I've looked, but I just can't find any.

      P.S. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a noob. Please tolerate me, and tell me if I'm not making any sense.
    2. Hi there
      they are a fair bit smaller than the size you mention but the 14cm tinies from Elfdoll make beautiful bjds for bigger dolls. They are mature, have the cutest faces and are lovely little dolls in their own right! Check out the thread here to see some great photos.

      Alternatively little Riz by Planetdoll is a good choice. Bigger than the Elfdolls, she can look as mature as you like really plus she is very reasonably priced, although she does not come with a face up, so you would have to have that done.

      Sorry that i can't give you any links but i'm sendiing this from my phone!
      Good luck in your search!

      sharon in spainxx
    3. Oh, thank you ^_^ I'll be sure to look into them!
    4. i would also recommend the Planetdoll Mini Riz.... here she is with an SD sized doll, can't see her very well but you get the idea.

    5. My only problem with the Mini Riz is that she seems to have a very awkward and still-youthfull body. I would want her to be just a little slimmer, with a slightly fuller bust. The bust I could probably mod on my own, but I don't think I could slim her down.
    6. You could also consider Volks' 1/6 Dollfies and Obitsu's 21 to 27 cm vinyl dolls, if you don't mind that they're not resin.
    7. Roxydoll Pandora is slightly smaller than a Soom mini Gem with a very mature body. Souldoll also makes a 1/6 mature girl.
    8. Chibi Unoa, Pipos Popo11 ( alice ) ?
    9. well, i dont really know if anyone else thinks these are muture 27cms, but dz ani ispretty mature, and some of the fairyland littlefee's are pretty mature looking.
    10. Soom Mini Gems are cool...as are the ToYous if you can get one...Batchix Nan Sook is another that's awesome but really rare!
    11. The Souldoll girls are close to perfect! Thanks so much :)