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Mature-looking Mini discussion

Apr 20, 2006

    1. Well I am sure my seach-skills blow, but I couldn't really find what I was looking for.

      As far as mature-looking boy BJD's go; how short do they come before you reach ken-doll dimensions?

      I'm in the "just looking" stage for a young "guy" to go with my brothel of girls. Hound/Saint etc are just too dang tall for the 43cm girls and the MSD boys I've found seem to only have the young boy look and a more stalky body.

      There was a Haute male that was the right height, but his head was like a 4 -and since the girls are a 6-7, I imagine it's a Ken-head sort of thing. He was yummy looking though.

      So, does anyone know of model(s) that are maybe under 60cm (though 60 cm would be better than 70cm) that have mature features?

      Thank you!!!

      ...Mod Note...

      This is a discussion about which dolls have the mature and adult look to them.

      ....Mod Note....

      This is a discussion thread to let people know who the mature and adult looking mini are. Both Male and Female.
    2. In my opinion the DoD boy MSD-sized dolls (especially the guardian boys: Si, Wi, U, & Hoo) are very mature looking, I own a Si and a Yen from there and while the wait is a pain (around 6 weeks after confirmed payment) I've yet to be disappointed. But that's just my thought ^^;
    3. Souldoll boys have a mature looknig body, and the faces can be painted to look a bit older.

      Orient doll Tae looks VERYY mature to me too :3

      and ther'a always the minifee <3
    4. I imagine the small-headed boy you're talking about is the new Orientdoll Tae? He's soooo lovely :D Myself and a friend who's getting him (Emsie on here) compared his measurements to Kid Delf measurements, and the smallest thing is definitely his head, a good 1-2 inches smaller iirc. However, the rest of his body wasn't as out of proportion as his head, so it's going to be very interesting to see him next to other MSDs!

      I would very highly recommend either Volks SDC Arashi, or Luts Mini Fee El or Chiwoo. (I also think Volks Schulze is quite mature-looking.) Arashi still has a cute, boying look to him but has a more sculpted body, and with the right face-up he can look a lot more mature. MNF El and Chiwoo are basically the 60cm dolls in mini form, so that's really nice.

      I've been in the exact same situation as yourself, and have gotten to the point of just throwing my hands up and... buying 60cm dolls >_< I really don't understand the reluctance from companies to make mature 45cm dolls, and it bugs me!
    5. Orientdoll Tae most definantly, but he's a bit short. Narin from Narindoll Creative, depending on his faceup, can look very mature, Souldolls, again though, depending on the faceup and the Mini Fee's.
    6. Yes, it was Tae - he's gorgeous!! But I wondered how he'd look next to a Unoa, Narae or Supia. grrrrr

      Thanks for the helpful hints - it gives me a lot of options to look into!
    7. I think the mini fee El looks like a young man, not a boy.
    8. Where was it I saw him available with a female as a set? I know I just saw it the other day.
    9. Check out soulkid Harang.. his little knowing smirk makes me think that he'd make a really good brothel owner ^.~ *LOL*
    10. The Unoa boys are definately 'mature minis'.
      There has been much giggling regarding their optional part penises. :o :wiggle

      Ann in CT
    11. I think Dollshe has mature looking male dolls but I would have to agree Unoa...seems to be the most mature looking I think.
    12. Narins are really mature looking as well~ i love them! they're awesome~
    13. I started a thread very similar a little while ago :)
      I've found that a MiniFee El is mature looking, also a Dollmore U-Jee, and a Narin [which I have settled for], you could also look at the Unoa boys - they're little hotties!
    14. I've got an modded AR Ren who's absolutely the eldest of my minis. Face ups can make a world of difference and the AR mini body is not child-like at all.

      Here's Zhao with two of my Kens:


      Doesn't he look like he knows something they do not?
    15. He looks awesome! I love that "knowing" look he has. =)

      I think I am going to take my chances with an Orientdoll Tae. But right now the face-up ones are sold out. /weeps
    16. I'm looking for a saint-like doll in MNF size.

      sorry, if this isn't the right place to post this, tell me.

      I just got my first doll, a MNF girl, and I would like to get her a partner. I've looked at the boys for MNF and none of them strike me as manly. I love the saint mold but he's too massive.:o :...(

      Is there a manly doll out there for me? :love

      ........Mod Note.....

      This is a discussion about what dolls may be mature minis.

      Photo thread: Mature Minis
    17. I would say Tae- his body really reminds me of a Dollshe boy, but he probably wouldn't work for your girl. I also think Limho has great potential to be made "manly" though ^_^
    18. The Dollzone male bodies are decently masculine, at least on par with the usual MNF boys, and that's probably the most mature mini body you are going to get.
    19. So here's the deal...
      I'm buying a DOC Homme Kirill here soon, but the thing is...
      I'd really like a more mature body for him.
      I'd like him to be a bit taller then my Twing-key, and also... well... DOC boy bodies seem to lack a little sumpin' sumpin' in the crotch area. XD (TINY! It's tiny! TT___TT Ugh. I sound so perverted -- but it's true!)

      Ahem. Yeah.
      So are there any mature MSD bodies out there that match well with DODs new resin color?