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Mature looking MSD sized male vamp/elf?

Jan 22, 2008

    1. I'm trying to find a mature-ish looking male vampire or elf in MSD size for my friend. Does anyone have a Yuri? Or can you think of some other company we should check out. My friend wants ears and fangs, but would probably settle for one or the other. DZ Yuri is all I have been able to find in this size. Thanks!:fangirl:
    2. Minifee Elf Shiwoo (42cm) was a special version of Shiwoo that came with and Elf head and an Elf head with barely open eyes (called Vampire head I think but no fangs). I think they were sold for a limited time but it was months. The heads and occasionally whole dolls still pop up in the Marketplace. Luts no longer sells the Minifees but Fairyland (the sculptors) will be selling them once they deal with setting it all up. As far as getting one new from Fairyland, I don't know if they will re-release Elf Shiwoo but I think they will probably sell Minifee Elves of some model in the future.

      Dear customers,
      As of yesterday MiniFee sales have ended at Luts website. FairyLand is currently working on organizing and registering MiniFee and related items (parts, outfits, wigs etc). The item pages won't be available for viewing until around the release date.

      All MiniFee dolls, along with some items, are planned to be updated within this month. More items will be updated continuously.

      Official announcement will be made closer to the releasing date.
      Thank you for your support and patience. ^^

      Also - not very mature but Dollmore has two boys that come with interchangeable ears:

      I thought maybe DOC Homme Kirill and Ivan came in elf versions, but that is only a selection for a couple of the girls.

    3. thank you, Carolyn!:)
    4. Depends how much trouble you want to go to, but you can get a doll modded. I got a Minifee Lishe modded to have elf ears AND fangs, and it looks great! Healdria here on DOA did mine, but you can always check the commissionable section of the marketplace for others.

      Otherwise...elves tend to be limited, but Bobobie have two elf ear dolls, which you can order on a male or female body. And you could always just paint the fangs on. :)
    5. Or, if you can get lucky, you can check the Marketplace for Shushu vampire heads. They have both elf ears AND teeth, they're a beautiful sculpt, and although the Shushu is a female mould, I've seen the vampire heads become male and have their eyes opened. Again, they were a limited sell-- time limited back in March/April 07-- but the heads do occasionally appear on the Marketplace.

      Edit: Carolyn, I double checked because I remember seeing the Elf Kirill and Ivan and they DID come limited in Elf version. Also, a dreaming-version Elf Yen was released at some point. Not sure if they go up on the Marketplace, but it is always worth a check if you like the mould. ^^
    6. I'll check my vamp shiwoo but I'm pretty sure he's got the ears and fangs ;) and fully closed eyes (I haven't opened them yet). He pops up on the Marketplace from time to time.

      I saw an elf Yen on sale through the Japanese distributor (so available on Y!J). I have one but he has no fangs, but lovely elf ears :) sculpting fangs shouldn't be too hard. Vamp Kirill and Ivan's do show up frequently on the marketplace or at least they used to. Someone mentioned that Kirill popped back up on the site but not sure if that was a glitch or not.
    7. Yes, Minifee Vampire Shiwoo does have itty-bitty fangs. ^_^ They're not as prominent as the DZ Yuri, but they're there (I love my boy's fangs! :aheatbea ).

      Vampire Ivan and Kirill are stunning, though... I saw one in person at a meet (I think it was Ivan but I can't remember) and he was gorgeous!
    8. *hops up and down* AoD Chi has pointy little ears and pointy little fangs! And AoD You has the ears, though he is fangless...still adorable though! :fangirl:
    9. DIM benetia is a female but has fangs and ears, could make a cute boy :)
    10. Just a note - Orientdoll is quite a bit smaller/slimmer than most minis with a smaller head and eyes. If you have a standard size mini and buy orientdoll for your friend you dolls may be awkward for playing together.

      Orientdoll Dae size boys are 40cm, 6-8mm eyes, and 5.5inch head

      There are photos here of one with minis and sd's.

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    11. I'm learning SO MUCH about all sorts of doll heads and sizes and mixing and matching them with other bodies or mods. This thread is pretty awesome- especially since I'm really into more mature looking males to be paired with my cutie pies in the future.