Mature Male 29cm-40cm body?

Aug 20, 2018

    1. Dos anyone know of any company or doll makers that have a bjd male body that is between 29cm and 45cm tall that is Mature? The closest body i can find thats not a fairy thin body is a iplehouse KID body but that would need a lot of moding to make it look mature. I havent been in the hobby that long nore seen many BJDs in person so im not sure whats out there as a option in this area im looking for! I would be ever so grateful for your info on this guys!
    2. Tiny Measurement List [ver. 16.4.18]
      This list has Tiny dolls up to 35cm!
      It has instructions on how to sort the table based on whatever measurement you're interested in. It doesn't note which ones are mature, but it's a start. There is another list just like this for the next size up, I don't have it saved though sorry.

      I'm a fan of Dollpamm bodies - I'm pretty sure their Shota boy body is in the size range you're after?
    3. Wow thank you so much! :)
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