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Mature mini clothing woes

Apr 10, 2009

    1. I have a mature mini and as I search through clothes and such I'm getting frustraited. It seems I can't find anything for a mature mini, and when I do it's at an outragous price! So I was wondering, would it be possible to buy super dollfie items and put them on my mini or is the super dollfie stuff way to large? is it just better if I commission items instead? Any help would be much apreciated
    2. Stuff made for Super Dollfie size dolls is a definite no-go for pretty much any mini, especially the mature ones as they tend to be slimmer. SD size stuff is waaay too big.

      If you're looking for inexpensive items to fit slim minis, have you considered Friends 2B Made stuff? I had good luck with their clothes for my former minifee girl. Also, I'm not sure what your doll is or what style clothing you want, but a lot of clothing made for "slim minis" also fits "mature minis". Some companies have slimmer minis than others, even if they are immature, so you may want to have another look at those.

      Best of luck in your search! :)
    3. I have a pair of pants from friends2Bmade and they don't go up around her waist...she's very hippy lol. I have a DIM marianne doll. I have another pair of pants with an elastic waist coming so hopefully those will fit her. Just searching secondhand markets is exahsting and it seems websits are either rediculous especially with shipping or sold out of the outfit or whatever. It doesn't help that I want her to have a certain look which seems that you can only get with boy clothes. perhaps I should take anouther look see at everything, I also think I might be able to squeeze her chest into some of the boy shirts giving them a more femine toy boyish feel...*shrugs* i guess it's trial and error now...
    4. Most of my B-el girl clothes are commissioned. I've run into the same problem (boyish look only to be achieved with boy clothes which doesn't fit). Dollzone clothes are nice, though. And I absolutely love Mio pants, but they cost more than I'm willing to spend on MY clothes, so I can't quite see me buying them anytime soon. So I just looked around in my local BJD community and found seamstresses making nice clothes with reasonable prices.
    5. Shayi makes great clothes for slim minis for a pretty reasonable price! :)
    6. My problem is that I want the girl I'm ordering soon to wear skirts and dresses. But NOT cute modern casual clothes, or fluffy Lolita stuff. It's amazing how few long dresses (other than Fers) and skirts there are for Mini girls.
    7. The F2BM stuff is very hit or miss. Some stuff fits like a dream and some won't even get past the hips. :XD: And Minifees are pretty "hippy", too. ^^

      I'd suggest getting stuff comissioned. If you aren't looking for anything too fancy or super detailed, then its not that hard to find a seamstress to sew it for you at a reasonable price. :) I had to go that route getting medieval style clothes for my Yo, and it wasn't any more expensive than, say, shopping at Luts.
    8. I like Brennil - Her delicate strength - her clothes are really nicely made -and so are Sharon in Spain's (dambuster01) but you do pay a little extra for the quality - but i think its worth it.

      Im waiting on clothes Ive ordered from Nine9 style - I'll let you know how that fits when it arrives!
      What really gets me is shoes - i can never get the size right! Especially as my mnf is a boy theres a lot more info on girls.
    9. Does dollmore fit? I find a lot of things that I like by them and it'd be awesome if those fit my girl...
    10. I have some things on order from Dollmore for my boys, I suspect they'll fit them fine - I've seen some of the items on other dolls like mine. I have a pair of CoolCat pants that fit my boys pretty well, of course the Dollzone stuff fits awesome, Dollheart, Pupa Paradise and Bobobie boots, and everything else is random stuff from the marketplace. I haven't bought anything marked "MSD size" that hasn't fit my guys, though a couple things have been a bit baggy.