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Mature Mini vs Tiny?

Dec 11, 2017

    1. I just found out there is a difference??? What is the difference? I like my small small dolls so I feel I should learn the difference
    2. I think most tiny dolls look like children and a mature mini would be small but look like an adult ? I'm not sure either xD i'd like to know the difference as well
    3. A mature mini is an adult-looking ~40-49cm doll, as opposed to a preteen/child-looking one. A tiny is a doll that's >30cm. Tinies usually look like very young kids.
    4. Yeah, it's confusing at first, since in most cases mini and tiny mean the same thing or very similar, but mini usually refers to 40-49cm dolls. Tiny varies from person to person, as some people will use YoSD to refer to 1/6 scale and tiny to be 1/8 or smaller, others will lump everything under 30cm into one category. "Mini" really isn't all that small, but the word comes from "Mini Super Dollfie" or MSD, which is a Volks term for their dolls around 45cm who are "mini" compared to their Super Dollfie (SD) line.

      So, in response to your question, a mature mini would be a doll in the 40-49cm range with adult or teen proportions, where a standard mini would be more childlike. A mature tiny would be under 30cm with adult proportions. These would be Barbie size or smaller.
    5. I didn't realize mini wasn't so mini !!! 40cm seems huge compared to the 17.5cm doll I have xD
    6. The original size scale was SD (58-60cm), MSD (45cm), and YoSD (26cm), all of which are licensed Volks terms for their doll size lines.
      People in the hobby coined the general term "tinies" to describe dolls smaller than YoSDs, so dolls under 26cm. At least that's how I remembered it when I joined the hobby in 2006 and more sizes started popping up. I remember the term "tiny" gaining popularity when Fairyland released its Puki Puki line.
    7. ah so it's mature tiny that I like!

      I know! The size difference is crazy!
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    8. I have a bunch of mature tinies and adore them. They're all at the 30cm mark so not... tiny... when compared to other tinies (21cm down to 5cm) I own.

      My mature tinies are Soom Fairy boys (limited), Lume Light boys (discontinued), Argonautica Little Kio (limited) and Akhmel Nathan (limited) Batchix Clever Little (artist cast versions, but the sculpt itself was limited). I think Xaga makes a mature tiny that's always available. They are a tougher size to find (at least for boys in my experience) but they're wonderfully portable.
    9. All my dolls are mature minis, I love them to death and think they're just gorgeous!