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mature Msd 16" vs Sd or small Sd doll? Realistic proportions

Mar 17, 2016

    1. Hi there! What would you prefer more - mature Msd with realistic proportions and small head (let's say just shrank Sd to 16" (43cm) or regular Sd (about 60 cm) or small Sd (about 50cm, If the head is the size of the human proportion)?
      Thank you.
    2. I mean. What if your favorite brand started to make a new line. What size would you prefer?
    3. My favourite brand is Souldoll and they are already making somewhat realistic MSD with small heads :3 (Their Soulkids) And there is also the Vito line :3
    4. Personally, I probably wouldn't buy one just because it would look so out of place in my crew, but if I were to get one, I would probably want a slim MSD who could wear minifee clothing.
    5. Or if you like dolls that can pose well and you don't mind they're not resin (or even strung) you always have Obitsu,I find they're proportioned, but maybe if you don't want animetic style you have to make an hybrid.. just an idea, though :D
    6. I would love to see more realistic style dolls in the msd size range (41-43cm). I recently bought a dollshe fashion line girl, her original version only came in SD size (which is big for me). So when they made the smaller size, i was really happy. She is beautiful,very well made and just as detailed as the big girls.
    7. Thank you.
    8. I tend to like MSD better, so I'd say MSD. But it would depend on how easy the doll is to dress ! If it's too massive and it's hard to find clothes that would fit, I would not be interested.
    9. I like standard SDs the best, but with limited display space, there are only so many I can handle. So...I'd say I would prefer more options for realistically-proportioned minis. In fact, I'm thinking of shelling two Dragon Age player characters as realistic minis, but there aren't a lot of options out there.