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Mature Tinies Tinys Chart (Please tell me what's missing!)

Oct 26, 2009

    1. I realized that there are some people like me who want a smaller sized doll with all the same features as a big adult one. When I saw Carolyn's thread with a chart of all of the tinies, I decided I should share what I knew in the same way. So here it is:


      Please tell me if I am missing anything. Eventually I hope to add a comparison pics chart as well. :aheartbea

      (Here are some other similar tiny charts, not made by me: Tiny Size Chart by Carolyn.S and apple-pai (heres the thread as well) and another one that I found, although I don't know who it was created by.)

      [This chart is also available as a PDF DOWNLOAD]
    2. Oh this is cool...thanks for making it!
    3. Great idea, pinksunsets! Charles' Creature Cabinet has Fidelia and Fuuga at 12 cm and two new ones, Neo Yoshi and Noanie Autumn at (I believe) 17.5 cm. There may be some others I am forgetting! I love the mature tinies so this is great to have them all in one listing!
    4. Thank you DarkStar, I didn't think of looking there. Updated the chart.
    5. Made new chart. Updated the chart with new tinies. Updated links.
    6. New and improved chart. Added a bunch of new tinies.
    7. Updated chart, added new dolls.
    8. Wow... thanks for the chart~
    9. Added more dolls
    10. Revamped chart. Click the bold headings to re-order the chart. Click "Row" to reset it to how it originally was.
      Also updated links and added PDF download.
    11. Many thanks for the chart, a love tiny dolls !
    12. I really love this, and how thorough it is. It can be hard to put into perspective even with all the detailed info. I wish there was a visual chart somehwere, that would really help. Thank you for the charts and info, it's really appreciated.
    13. Well actually I just posted a request thread about it, haha, what timing! ^^ I'm interested in the Dollzone B18-001 body specifically, and heads that would fit it, it's rather small, and the neck is rather small, so it's difficult to find heads for it that would fit. I'm looking into hybrid-ing one (because I don't like Dollzone's heads much). Every head I look at is too big, yosd yead are much too big, Xagadolls 1/6 mature dolls have huge necks in comparison, and larger heads. I love Peakswoods' heads, but they would be massive on that tiny body! >o<
      Thanks for your reply. I was honestly not expecting one. Haha ^^'
    14. OK. I have an Anita who is on the D18-001 body. I'll look around and see if anything I have looks right for the body.
    15. OMG thank you so much! That would be of great help. ^^