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Mature vampire ws yo-sds? >_>

May 23, 2012

    1. Uhm i dunno if this is the right place for this, but...

      I'm looking for some very specific things, and i'm hoping some of the more experienced members can point me in the right direction. I want to make a doll that's basically my version of Claudia from Interview with a Vampire. I'm looking for 3 things:

      - Mature yo-sd body. Doesn't necessarily need to have breasts, but it needs to have some curves to it. I'm aware of Momocolor, Sugarble, Pipos PO11s, and Chibi Unoas, but i was wondering if there were more out there? Besides, some of those don't come in WS.
      - Vampire face sculpts. Preferably with half-closed eyes. Doesn't need to be the same company as the body, in fact i'm rather fond of hybrids. I like more realistic sculpts, maybe more mature to match the body...
      - BOTH must come in white skin.

      So, i know that's kind of asking for a lot, but can anyone help me out?
    2. Well, Leekeworld has the gentle volume body type that is more shapely and has a small bust. They also offer a white "snow skin" version of their dolls. I've also thought that the IMda 3.0 dolls also had more hips than usual in a yosd size doll, but it's not often they make them in white skin.

      As for vampire sculpts, the only thing I cam remember is latidoll had some limited vampire sculpts around Halloween one year for the yellows. I don't know much about vampire sculpts though so maybe someone else can offer more info.
    3. Yeah, i found the Leeke bodies after posting this, i think they're what i want to go with as far as that goes. I'm not really into limiteds, so i don't think i'll be going that route. Thank you for the info though!
    4. Fairyland's event elf dreaming chiwoo can look very mature. So if you could get a headback and fit it on a more mature body it could work. Here is mine:

    5. Since you seem to have found your body, I'll just suggest heads... there were a couple of Littlefee event faceplates that were vampires, though they seem pretty rare. Soom Syen had a dreaming vampire head:

      She looks almost NS here because of the warm light and her blushing, but she was ivory-white before the faceup.

      5stardoll Quintus is also a nice sleepy-eye vampire, and Peakswoods makes Vampire Hucky, though that's an open-eyed sculpt.

      You could also commission a vampire-fang mod, or do one yourself--I think they're pretty simple--if you find the perfect head but it's not vampire-y :)
    6. Gah, the Chiwoo and Syen heads are both lovely, but again, limiteds, so i have very little hope of ever actually getting one. :C

      Not really into Quintus, and Hucky is cute, but a little TOO cute for my purposes i think.

      Hmmm, so it looks like most of the actual vampire heads are just limiteds. That's a bit disappointing. :/ As for just modding it, I'm not sure why i didn't think of that! I'd totally be into just modding a head. The problem i keep running into is that most yo heads are so cute and childish! Lol. I know that's kind of the point, but it makes it hard to find what i'm looking for. :P
    7. Yeah, the elf vamp chiwoo is limited, though its a free event face so some people might have gotten it that didn't really want it if they happened to just order during that time period. Though it looks to me that most people opted for the vampire elf rolly head instead of the chiwoo, I've seen A LOT more rolly's than the chiwoo. :\ But I think it might still be possible to find one, the event was in october so it's not an old face yet.

      Also, like wildwoodflower said, keep an eye on soom! They still have been releasing interesting fantasy dolls, they may one day come out with another vampire type doll. But...yeah it'd be limited.

      I guess vampires really ARE mostly limited dolls!
    8. Yeah, she's really pretty, but bigger than i'm looking for. I don't really do SDs, so MSDs are the adults in my doll family, if that makes sense.
    9. I feel like I see Syen pop up on the MP pretty regularly. A lot of people ordered her, and since she came with two heads, there's often one going spare. You might have to hunt around a bit, but I think you could snag a Syen head eventually.
    10. I 2nd this and there is the fact that soom is doing -limited- reruns of mix and match heads and bodies...specialty think they will do the teenies again as it seemed thet picked the oldest -year- and let us mix from that year with the teenies. Also in genreal, soom heads pop up.
    11. I swear I saw a YoSD yesterday. I'll have to go through my history and see if I can find them again.
    12. How about Doll Leaves Dan head?
    13. Kinda just on the tail end of her order period, but have you checked out Iplehouse's KID Lisa?
    14. Magic Time Draculria has a wonderfully mature face!