Mayakdolls Discussion

Mar 25, 2021

    1. Discussion thread for Mayakdolls heads by Greenwolfy / blisslacosta

      • Heads are sold on a pre-order basis through the official Mayakdolls instagram account (though there are sometimes in-stock sales.
      • Heads are made to fit Minifee and similar size bodies. Minifee bodies will need to neck connector to be removed to work.
      • Heads are currently sold in "Light" (similar to Fairyland NS but not a perfect match) and "Tan" (similar to Fairyland Tan but not a perfect match)

      I have a June head incoming and I'm super excited so I hoped to discuss with others who have any Mayak Dolls heads!
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    2. --Mod note--

      The team has not reviewed any of Mayakdolls' works yet. This thread is being locked pending submission and review.

      If anyone would like to post a thread in Ask the Mods to provide us with information, or ask GreenWolfy to do so, we can get started.
    3. --Update--

      Mayakdolls June is on topic~ :)
    4. I missed June’s preorder, but I just ordered a May the other day. Not sure if she’s going to be on topic or not...
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    5. @dxgirly
      I also ordered a May OE head and a May sleeping head! Did you go with the faceup option?
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    6. @dxgirly the mods let me know that June is definitely on topic now and unlocked the thread. I'm not sure why May wouldn't also be on topic but I'm sure if you were to post in Ask the Mods they would let you know. Congrats on your May order! I was tempted to order a May as well but figured I should wait for my June to arrive before ordering another head haha.

      @EndlessSonrise Congrats on your May heads! I'm really excited to see people's dolls shared once they arrive!

      I got photos of my tan skin June's faceup the other day and I'm incredibly excited for her arrival! Was told she should be shipping in the next few days. I also have an incoming Bimong Narae Fusion body in his "new tan" color that I am really hoping I can use for her. Once they both arrive I'll be sure to let everyone know how it works out.
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    7. Thank you! I decided to get my May without a faceup just so I could see what I could do with it myself. The artist’s faceups are absolutely beautiful, though, so I was sorely tempted to get one. :sweat

      I bought a Doll Leaves dream body for her, because the resin match for the NS Minifee body isn’t as close as I’d want to be from what I see in other’s pictures. I did see one on the Doll Leaves that was much closer, so I decided to try that body first (bonus- it’s cheaper, so if it doesn’t work out, I won’t as upset. :lol:)
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    8. @malvinas Do let us know how the resin match goes! Can't wait to see pictures of her!

      @dxgirly Oh that's good to know! I was considering other hybrids, but I really need to go search for good resin matches/fits the neck.
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