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Maychana's Feedback Thread ~

Feb 24, 2009

    1. Here I want people to post, if they had either good or bad experience with me ^^
      It will make pleasent for future buyers of me, to look it up here ^^
    2. We traded our dolls(Puki Mary for Doc T. Zen) and the transaction went very well. The doll came very yellowed and have two big even more yellowed stains, she didn't told me it, but i loved everything he comes with. He'll go do aesthetics next month, hope he came back with only one color XD.
    3. We traded my doll outfit for her Miyavi minimee head. The head was very nicely wrapped, it was shipped really swiftly and she replied very fast to all PM's and she was a lot of fun to deal with.

      (And I just love my new doll head! Thanks for everything!! <3)
    4. May purchased an Island Doll Amy from me on layaway. What a pleasure to deal with! Throughout the process she was kind, prompt and even paid her off earlier than anticipated!

      I highly recommend dealing with Maychana! :thumbup

      Thanks again! I'm happy to see Hee-Sun arrived safely! :D
    5. I traded my CP Dreaming El plus some cash with Maychana for her Dollmore U-Jee. In the sales thread slight yellowing was mentioned but in person the yellowing was actually rather uneven and not slight. He was also not well packaged, no bubble wrap and came in a shoe box. Maychana was willing to resolve this though and paid a difference for the unmentioned damages. Communication with Maychana is great but she needs to put a little more attention to detail. This is not positive or negative but neutral. The doll is whole and nothing's broken just have to deal with the yellowing but wanted to put this here so in the future this doesn't happen again.
    6. bought a beyla outfit from seller. Very friendly and fast in PM's. Shipping was fast as well would gladly buy from again.
    7. hi,i bought a beyla unicorn head and she arrive fast and the comunication was very good ^^
      thank you again;-)
    8. Bad feedback for Maychana:( she ordered a commission from me, but when the commission was half done all communication stopped and she never answered to my messages. I don't recommend dealing with her.