Mazarine Blue Doll / Mbluedoll Discussion

Oct 26, 2020

    1. Hi all! Just wanted to start up a discussion thread for Mazarine Blue Doll's 1/3 size heads. Please join me for some chat! :D

      Head sculpts are listed as SD17 size and so far include:
      :goldstar Laaon - released November 1, 2018
      :goldstar Taeee - released April 1, 2019
      :goldstar XiHyeon - released Sept. 3, 2019
      And there are progress pictures up for a new head that has not yet been named.

      Updates on Mbluedoll's Instagram
      Order through Mbluedoll's website
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    2. To start us off, I have this lovely XiHyeon painted by @rianne :chocoheart


      I thought I had his character figured out....but then he threw me for a loop by looking really good with one of my other dolls so now I have to figure out who both of them are. :lol:

      He's currently a WS head on a NS Universedoll body. The fit is really lovely! Gotta think more on the resin match and see what I wanna do.