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[MD/JUN] Ario & Argil - Valar of Nature discussion thread.

Jun 2, 2011

    1. http://dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php?it_id=1306902137

      I was surprised that no one has made a thread for these cute little guys yet! Soom is certainly early with getting them up this month. I like what I see so far. That face is adorable! Hopefully they'll be put up tonight. :)
    2. I was about to, but I was waiting for Soom to reply my question about the release date. ;D You beat me to it!

      Looks like green skin again? Nature-inspired, maybe? It can be the other one is tan or light brown, like tree bark! ;D

    3. Hm, the picture looks like WS to me. Sov's green has been much more prominent in the pics. The little angel looks quite cute, but I don't feel much for fully closed eye dolls. Let's see if there is an open eyed head and how it looks like.
    4. My sis thinks he's green, and I think he's WS, so I totally see the potential confusion, we still disagree about this. ;) Ah well, pics will be forthcoming, and we can't both be right.

      I'm sure we'll have an open-eyed head, I'm quite intrigued by the slight smile--it's definitely not Iv/Eliv territory, but it definitely is cute. And we haven't had a closed-eyed head since Shonki and Appini, which is pretty cool too, but I'd be shocked if there was only one head. :)

    5. I think the green tint is just because of the background around him, it throws everything off. There likely is an open eyed version, since...well, can you name a closed eye doll that was a hit? :P No offense but I don't remember any (none that weren't some event that everybody forgot about by now, anyway.)

      Trying to think of mythology that they might be trying now. Only thing popping in my mind is valkyrie, which...if you think about it, might make sense.
      From the wiki: " Valkyries also appear as lovers of heroes and other mortals, where they are sometimes described as the daughters of royalty, sometimes accompanied by ravens, and sometimes connected to swans."
      And when you look up Valor, it basically means brave.
      If you look at the valkyrie's wiki, some are drawn with wings.

      Only thing throwing me off that it might be a valkyrie is that as far as I know, they don't exactly have a connection to nature. Yet, it's soom, they can do what they want, I just thought this might help for everybody to figure out the spoilers ;D
    6. I think 2 heads is a given... but how open will their eyes be?! O.o I love that face... but I dunno if the eyes arn't opened the right amount then it might destroy the love ;) But then ... opening the sleepy head could be an option ;)

      They look like tiny amphybels to me...so I'm just expecting wings in terms of fantasy parts... maybe little wings on their ankles... that would b cute <3 I think Soom might suprise us with a new colour of resin for the second 1 because that looks like WS to me ...
    7. I adore the faces, but I'm seconding the 'hope there's an OE head'! I'm also hoping for random resin colour :)
    8. Sezjade - Soom is probably just following their devil/angel storyline for this year ("Legend of the doll - part III"). Valar are angel-like creatures who fight against Raucar (devils). I already stated that I'm a bit worried of this year's story because it's all about angels and devils (Vala of light, Valar of nature, Raucar of anger, Rauco of pain...). Sounds a bit restricted to me, but let's see.

      These are the Valar:
      - Light (Amphibel)
      - Death
      - Love
      - Nature (Ario & Argil)
      - Agony
      - Protection
      - Justice

      These are the Raucar:
      - Sin
      - Anger (Trachy & Lami)
      - Destruction
      - Pain (Bazael)
      - Treason
      - Fear
    9. The closed eye head looked very contented and serene. I love it very much and the wings is so adorable! But sadly, I dont have any characters atm for closed eye dolls. So I am hoping to see how the open eye head will turn out (if there is). I hope they will release them tomorrow! I cant wait to see1
    10. Thanks, babyelf... I didn't read the whole story since it was very confusing to me! XD But thanks for the list... We have a lot to come in the future, ne? >.< I hope this time there will be optional body, too. Because if they're really CUTE then I'll have to order both... ;D Darn it... I'm Soomed again.
    11. The pictured teeny looks WS to me, but due to the fact that the other isn't shown, makes me believe there will be another resin. The green skin was popular with Sov, and being that there isn't a monthly doll yet with GS (not to mention the nature theme) makes me think it may be so. We'll have to see. Soom has a tendency to either surprise or disappoint with their reveals. A tan or bronze skin could also be very likely.

      EDIT: Thanks for the info Babyelf, though it sounds like my dream of a dark nature-themed doll may not happen, unless they get really creative. ^^
    12. This is the first time I've been in serious danger of being Soomed since Alk & Yrie (and I do have a Yrie)!

      I agree that the teaser pic looks like WS. I just can't see any hints of green skin in there, tbh.

      This whole light & dark theme scares me! :XD: I really like it actually. I just hope that the Valar of Love is an SD so I'll be safe! I don't think any of the Raucar will interest me.

      Honestly though, for me right now it's just that FACE!! :D :D I think I'm in love! Part of me is just hoping it's the sleepy/closed eyed face that I love, because I don't have any interest in buying a doll just for the sleeping head and I'm pretty much broke right now and can't afford to be Soomed. Even if there's an open eyed head too (and I'm pretty sure there will be), I'm really only interested in having a doll with a sleeping face to swap in if it comes in a faceplate system (like FairyLand's). I'm just not into having an extra head lying around that won't eventually have its own body. It seems too much a pain to use both full heads for one character and have to swap the whole head. That's why I ended up deciding to use the OE Beyla head I bought as a separate character (an alter ego for my R. Beyla).

      I guess we'll see what the rest of the photos do for/to me! *_* If I love the OE head just as much... well I don't know what I'll do!

      fransyung, any reply from Soom on the release date?
    13. Not yet... *sigh* ;A; But 3 people have read my question...
    14. I badly need to see the rest of the photos! This whole possibly being Soomed situation is freaking me out! *_* The rest of the photos will lay it to rest. I'll either be Soomed for sure, or I won't and I'll be safe... I don't even know which way I'd rather it go! :| My sensible side says, "Of course you don't want to be Soomed! You have no money to buy this doll and you're jobless!" But my doll lover side says, "Of course you want to be Soomed! Tinies are just so cute and adorable! Getting another doll would totally cheer you up right now!" :doh

      *sigh* So conflicted!! :?
    15. I may not be soomed anytime soon after getting my latest Soom doll.... but if those wings are as cute as they seem to be I just need to jump on a splt or something xP

      Still feel bad I have no doll to "wear" alk/yrie wings T_T
      I'd want them only to have them xD
    16. Ohh, I didn't notice their angel theme. Nice :D
      I wonder what animal-hybrid they're going to release then.
    17. The hands are'nt as chubby as other Soom teenie gems...Are we sure this isn't an MSD sized monthy?
    18. I don't think they'll be Valkyries since we kinda already have them - Alk and Yrie. VALK-YRIE, see? xD But I do wonder what they might be! :O
    19. It's definitely a tiny, considering how short the forearm is from hand to elbow. Perhaps it's a new hand? I'm not sure I've seen one with the pinky finger pointing out like that. EDIT: Nevermind, I see both my Afi and Keny have that hand. Though they both also have a grip hand, and it appears this doll doesn't (unless it will be an extra hand?)