Meadowdolls tinies

Jul 8, 2017

    1. I couldn't see a thread for any of the Meadowdolls tinies, so I thought I'd create one.

      They are really wonderful! I see that Mini Saffi is on pre-order. I was wondering which dolls she can share clothes with?
    2. I've got Patti from Meadow Dolls and she is on the same body as mini Saffi.And I can say that Littlefee's dresses and tops sit well
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    3. Your Patti is adorable! I managed to snag a sunkissed Patti in the twinkle size during the in stock sale last weekend. I'm looking forward to receiving her!
    4. I'm not sure why these dolls aren't more popular on DoA. The artist is talented in both realistic and very stylized sculpts, so I feel they have pretty wide appeal...yet they don't seem to have too much presence outside the FB group. They're wonderfully well-made and also great posers at their size.

      Patti was the first of Meadowdolls' girls that caught my eye, and I love looking at her. @Amandala, please post yours when you receive her!

      I've got a Mini Bailey myself (favorite Meadow sculpt :love), but I've yet to get him painted. Goals for 2021!
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    5. I love Bailey! She was the sculpt that first caught my attention, then I waffled and missed her pre-order being indecisive!
      I'm also in love with Ella, so when her pre-order came up, I ordered her in cream. She is my first pre-order, I'm usually not able to wait so long, so we'll see how I do with this!
      Twinkle Patti should hopefully be here soon, Miroslava is waiting on the eyes to come from China.
      I have a Dumpling Saffi that I bought with a really bad face up (in ballpoint pen!) I redid her face, it was my first face up... She's not perfect but I'm really proud of her :) I'll have to figure out how to post photos in here!
      Anyway I followed Linda Macario's face up tutorials on her website, which were very helpful, just in case you want to try painting your Bailey :)
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    6. I just discovered these dolls from a flickr photo. I was lucky that Chara Twinkle is currently up for pre-order and I signed up for one in Honey. I love this size (16cm) and already have lots of clothes, wigs, etc., that will fit.
      This is the first time I've done a layaway, so we'll see how that works out.
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    7. I prefer not to use layaway myself, but I did for my Meadowdoll. Very easy, great experience with it! I would definitely be interested in doing layaway with her again for a Sylvia Scarlet if I could just decide which size I prefer her at!
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    8. @Sandwich ,Yeah, I'm generally not a fan of layaway, but I have several other dolls on order right now so I thought I'd give my bank account a breather. It's good to know that you had no problems with it.

      I had to look up Sylvia Scarlet, she's lovely, quite something, unique to be sure. I'm tending to smaller and smaller sizes these days myself. I've accumulated a number of Secretdoll Mongs and Mini Mongs.
    9. Chara is such a cutie, congratulations! I can't wait to see what twinkle will be up for pre-order next. Although I'm on a dolly diet, so I shouldn't even be looking haha
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    11. Wow! Ballpoint pen! You had your work cut out for you! I hope that means you got a discount!
    12. I did get her for less than the dumplings usually go for... Definitely would not have paid full price!
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    13. I don’t have any Meadow Doll but I did preorder the Sissi dumpling and I’m excited to get her. I hope she gets here in the early spring. It’s a long wait for me. Now I’m hoping for a Kyra (don’t remember her spelling). I posted this because I’m disappointed there is not more postings. Come on fans!
    14. Well, I ordered a Chara Twinkle on February 18 with a two-part layaway and faceup. I recently received the invoice for the second payment which I immediately submitted on September 25.
      She will have to send the doll to the face-up artist who will send it to me.
      This may be the longest wait I've had for a doll, but I don't really mind. I have other dolls to keep me occupied. And when I do get her it will be a surprise because I've forgotten what she looks like!
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    15. I can't wait for the next preorder. I had several dumplings years ago but sold them before we moved. I miss them. I would like to get the twinkle versions of a few that I had. The second hand prices are pretty steep so I will wait for the preorder unless one pops up that I feel I have to have lol