Meaning behind Fairyland doll names?

Aug 30, 2018

    1. Hi. I noticed something about the more recent Fairyland head sculpts - and by "recent" I mean the past 5 years or so - that some of them seem to have either some history behind them or some underlying meaning. For example, the obvious one that comes to mind is Minifee Liria, who was named after the company's first English translator. Then, her FeePle60 equivalent, Cygne, is named after the roman name and scientific term for swan -"Cygnus" - referencing how her fullset was inspired by Swan Lake.

      I'm wondering if a similar pattern applies to the rest of their dolls, or just some of them. I say that it's probably a recent trend, because names like "Lucywen", "Sircca", "Altis" and "Rens" aren't exactly generic placeholder names that you would give to a doll for any or no reason.

      I'm just curious - does anyone know of a particular or several FL dolls have a meaningful names?
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    2. I've never thought about this, and I have no idea (sorry, not helpful at all). But I am curious, and would like to find out more. So consider this me following this thread ;)
    3. This is really interesting! Never thougt about it, to me they were just mystic names, but now I will have to look for it ^^
    4. This is interesting and worth looking in to.
    5. Altis is a Ancient Greek religious sanctuary in Olympia, Greece. This makes sense since Altis is a faun and they have their roots in Greek mythology. I don’t think Pan (the satyr forest deity) has any connection to the location however.

      Sircca miiiiiight be connected to Circe. She was an enchantress in Greek mythology that Odysseus encountered. She typically turned her enemies and lovers (when she tired of them) into beasts. The magic, Greek, and animal elements match fairly well with Sircca’s centaur form (thoooo Chiron would make more sense to draw from but hey I’m not in charge)

      I can’t say where Ren (I was think something to do with harpies or tengu) and Lucywen (noooooo clue) come from but I’ll definitely think on it. This is a really neat topic and I hope we can all solve this mystery:3
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    6. Thx for sharing this!! Can´t wait to see if anyone discovers something else! :3
    7. I kept forgetting to thank you for this. I'd also add that a more obvious ones is Papilio. That's a type of butterfly. His fullset includes butterfly wings.
    8. Rens is also a Dutch boys' name. It means laurel leaf, and protection.