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Mecha Angel Bodies W/ Other Heads?

Dec 22, 2010

    1. I have a TALL character that needs a mold. I would've liked 90cm, but AOD...Not my cup of tea at ALL. I love the 80cm body for Mecha Angels, but while the heads are gorgeous, they are not my boy.

      Are there any other heads that will fit on Mecha Angel bodies and look normal? Photo obviously not required. Color matching is not a concern, but it would be nice. Not tan on WS, please ^^;

      Thank you, Mucho appreciated!!
    2. Transcend B is the only place I know of that sculpts heads to fit Mecha Angel boy bodies.

      Minimee heads run so large they could work but you'd have to open up the neck hole. Other than that, maybe try to find out which dolls have the largest heads?
    3. I have placed Minimee heads on the Mecha Angel body and been quite pleased with the result. Widening the nock hole isn't much of a problem. I've seen a Minimee modded to fit an EID neck, so nothing is impossible. ;) I found the older, yellowish MNM heads works fine with the older MA bodies as far as resin match goes.
    4. Thank you both, this helped immensely!