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Meeksdoll Discussion

Dec 19, 2018

    1. Hey Everyone!
      I thought I'd open a Meeksdoll Discussion now that I have three on topic heads!
      Thank you to everyone interested in my work. I make male heads for bodies in the 70cm range. I do have some female sculpts for SD girls as well.
      I really enjoy sculpts with some personality and a bit of life. I like sculpting big noses with a lot of character xD
      Anyway! Thank you for stopping by, happy discussing!
      my website is meeksdoll.com
      And here's a photo of the upcoming sculpts :D These are the way I painted them for my crew. Lazlo in this picture was on the DollZone b70-004 body and Vano is on the Dollshe Arsene body
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    2. Yes! I cannot wait for Lazlo! I have big plans for him, and cannot wait to get my hands on him:love
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    3. I hope you show lots of pictures! I love your work and cant wait to see what you do with him!
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    4. Congratulations!
      I got my Meeksdoll Murphy in September and can't wait to have his proper wig to start spamming pictures of him. Definitely love me a nose with character, I feel there was a real need for sculpts like this.
      Looking forward to seeing lots or meeksdoll sculpt in my feed soon!

      PS: my guy is on the ringdoll RGM04 (68cm) body and it's a perfect fit ;)
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    5. Thank you! I love your Murphy!

      I also wanted to say I would love to hear comments, questions, concerns! As a new BJD maker, feedback is welcome and appreciated! <3
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    6. SOON
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    8. He's so beautiful! I missed seeing photos of him! And the photos are absolutely stunning. Seeing these again made me extra excited to see what you'll do with the current guys! I think id like my personal Lazlo lot better if he had a faceup by you. He was always meant to be very dark but I never went for it with the styling.
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    9. Lachlana, I love Blue! :D

      Meeky, your dolls are fabulous! I get the wanty wants when I look at them! :dance
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    10. Really?! I might be fangirling a little right now :dance thank you!
      Simply Divine was a huge inspiration for me as a New Yorker to get started making my own dolls <3
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    11. Meeky, thank you so much! :hug: Doll art (as you know) is a very demanding art form. One little push of the clay changes the whole head. Liz and I are very passionate about Simply Divine and it is wonderful to see that same passion reflected in your dolls.

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    12. Oh yes! It's demanding but so worth it!
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    13. I wish you great success and I plan to hang out with you here. I am so glad you now have a thread!:D
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    14. Hahahah thank you! I just dmed you about that exactly.
      I still am so beyond flattered by your kind words <3
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    15. Are you going to be selling your guys in limited edition or will they always be available?
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    16. Lachlana, I still can't believe what you did with Meeky's gorgeous Murphy:aheartbea
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    17. For now they're on a preorder base. But I'd love to one day work up to having all the sculpts always available.
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    18. :kitty2
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    19. Cat tagged me...stopping in to say hi and loving what Im seeing here :dance:dance:dance
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    20. :D:love:kitty2:abow: Thank you!!! I know I've said it before but I admire you so much so to hear nice things about my work from you, and everyone else on this thread, it's incredible. <3:aheartbea<3