New Doll Meeksdoll Lazlo Pre-Order Open Jan 15- Feb 15

Jan 15, 2019

    1. Hi Everyone, I'd like to share my second sculpt release, Lazlo, with you!
      Lazlo's Pre-Order is officially open! You can order him on MEEKSDOLL.COM
      The Pre-Order will be open from January 15 - February 15

      Lazlo's neck is about 12.5 (designed to fit Dollshe Mystic Body)
      His head is approximately 23.5cm and he fits 9-10 wigs.
      He does best on 70+cm bodies.
      He will be casted in three colors, Flush, Buff, and Rich, which will be color matched to Dollshe Fresh, Oriental, and Pale Tan

      Please feel free to ask me any questions! I'll be happy to answer! <3
      Thank you for checking Lazlo out!

      image by @AmiSi

      [​IMG] faceup by @Lachlana photo by AC Santos

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      faceup and photo by @OnlyPaintMode

      For more information, please follow me on Instagram @/meeksdoll

      Or check out my website: MEEKSDOLL.COM
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    2. Hi there!
      I'd like to know will the new Lazlo head fit the 5th Motif Body?
      Please let me know if so!
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    3. Hi!
      Girth wise, (being 13cm) it should work. Lazlo's neck was made to fit the Dollshe Mystic body which is listed at 12.5cm. In my experience hybriding, the .5 of a cm is usually okay to work with. My real concern would be that the Timeless body neck is longer than the average bjd so Lazlo might do better on other bodies with average length necks for that reason.
    4. Thank you very much for the information & for your professional opinion! :thumbup
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