New Doll Meeksdoll Lucien and Faust IN STOCK!

Feb 25, 2020

    1. Hi Everyone, I'd like to share Lucien and Faust with you!
      You can order both these boys as well as all other Meeksdolls on MEEKSDOLL.COM
      (they're all in stock in limited quantities besides Murphy. Billy is yet to be released)
      I have some conventions coming up so I haven't listed all stock, so if you see Lucien or Faust out of stock let me know if you'd like to purchase and I will update a listing for you :)

      Meeksdoll Lucien

      • Head Circumference: about 23.5cm
      • Neck Circumference: about 11.5-12cm
      • Made for about 70cm bodies.
      • Casted in four colors: Flush, Buff, Ochre, and Rich

      Meeksdoll Faust

      • Head Circumference: about 23cm
      • Neck Circumference: about 12.5cm
      • Made for about 70cm bodies
      • Casted in four colors: Flush, Buff, Ochre, and Rich
      Please feel free to ask me any questions! I'll be happy to answer!
      Thank you for checking these guys out!

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