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Meet a brand new petdoll from Nobility NOW!

Apr 30, 2008

    1. Scon Band is busy with practicing for an upcoming concert .
      You're invited to join their lively and refreshing music.
      Let`do it. Are you ready?

      Features of Scon
      1.Four different head options with happy expressions
      2.Easy to combine and separate the magnetic units from head to tail
      3.Maximum flexibility
      4.Separate tooth unit can be inserted through the inside the head.
      (Compare different expressions with or without tooth part. Have more fun!)

      SCON wallpaper free download service


    2. This little guy is under discussion re: his on topicness at this time. Thanks very much for your patience! :)
    3. Will you also sell separate body parts ? it would be nice to buy the body for the extra head/s.

    4. Thank you for your question.

      Separate body part will be on sale soon.

      Moreover, Scon outfit will be updated, too.

      Please keep giving your attention. Thank you.
    5. First basic realease will be 50 Scons, right?
      So, once all the 50 Scons are sold out, when he will be on sale again?
      And how often he will be on sale? Once a month?
      I really want to get one this year, I totally love him! :love

      Thanks in advance ;)

    6. Thank you for your interest and question.

      Once all the 50 Scons are sold out, he won't be available for a while.

      We haven't decided when the second release will be yet.
    7. Scon has been deemed to be on-topic for this board. :)
    8. Thank you for your attention.:lol: