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Meetups and ... theft? (also, other meetup questions)

Jan 4, 2007

    1. So...I just paid for my first doll and plan on going to many meet ups but am a bit worried. Do things ever go "missing" at meet ups? Has anyone ever had their doll or carrier stolen? If so what did you do about it?

      Also, what would you recommend to a new doll owner? any safety precautions?

      ....Where do you put your bag? Do people keep them all under tables, together?
    2. I never been to a meet up were anything was stolen or when "missing" but the Las Vegas meet ups have been small gatherings. Not more than 20 people.
    3. I would think that if anything were to be stolen at a meetup, it wouldn't be by other doll owners. If the meetup is in a public place, I can seen random people snitching stuff, but I seriously doubt you have to worry about other doll owners. If anything, they'll help keep your stuff safer-- I imagine if someone tried to take something, several angry dollie parents would pounce upon them.
    4. Well I'm not too worried about other doll owners. Mainly I'm worried about other people. (I'm paranoied)

      Updating my first post to include another question.
    5. I've been to meetups for different hobbies other than BJD's.
      Most people who attend are honest, fair and really enjoy the meetup.
      Then there are some who just stumble in and create chaos... people who just show up because they have nothing better to do.
      Then you get a special few who show up just to see what they can get away with... the bigger the venue, the more likely the chance/oppurtunity for theft, IMO

      The best advice to anyone taking their prized possesion out in public is to keep an eye out for it, never leave it and don't bring too many things that you'll know you can't keep up with. It's sad, but most of the time when something is stolen, you don't have a good chance of recovering it.

      :sweat I don't mean to scare ya... just be careful, okay?
    6. I wouldent worry too much, mostly you would have to worry about non dolly owners. I have taken my dolls to many places including very large model horse shows (I show model horses as a hobby it's lots of fun.) and I have never had a problem, but if something was to be stolen there would be many angry dolly parents pouncing on the thief ;)
    7. Hmm, I really don't think it happens too often. It'd be incredibly obvious if another owner took someone's doll, what with DoA and your own city's community. As for strangers... I just say, keep an eye out for your stuff, but it's really really rare. Random passersby just wouldn't think to do something like that, I mean, commit a crime for something they probably think isn't worth a large sum of money.
    8. I have never lost anything at a meeting - the people I have met are far too charming! But I have never had a random member of the public so much as touch a doll of mine in public either. Perhaps this is because I am British. It seems to be the London way to stare and stare out of the corner of the eye but not to say anything and certainly not to touch! :lol: That's not to say I wouldn't be very careful though. *nod*
    9. I worry about this a lot. And you should too, it's not a safe world, and there are a lot of malicious people. Keep your eye on tinies especially, they are too easy to snatch. If you have to go to the bathroom, take them with you or have someone you know and trust watch yours. If you're having it in a public place that is very populated, like a mall, try to keep them on the same tables together, so that none get put on a table that is out of the way, or that people might turn their backs on for a second, cause that's all it takes.

      I don't want to sound like a spoilsport, but it could definately happen. It's easy to get caught up in the moment when you're having fun and take your eye off them for a second. I've done it before, where I had my back to my dolls and then turned around and seen unsavory characters milling around. That was enough of a shock to scare me straight!! I always watch out for other peoples dolls too.

      Just be safe! :)
    10. I've heard of things going missing at meetups before (and then turning up on another owner's doll at the next meet... :S) but I've been to a couple myself and nothing like that's ever happened to me. Possibly because a lot of the other people there are my friends, and I trust them to be decent human beings and all... :)
    11. Just relax~ If you're super-paranoid about your stuff getting stolen, you probably won't enjoy the meetup. Keep an eye on your resin-kids and chill. Don't be careless, of course, but don't let your worry ruin your fun. Also, don't take more than you can easily keep up with.

      We've had lots of comments from random people at doll meetups (questions, etc.), but it's always been a pretty safe atmosphere.
    12. I think most people in the "in group" won't cause any problems. We seem to mind our manners. As far as the outsiders, who might make faces or whatever, well, while you should watch your own things I think everyone keeps and eye out on everyone else's doll. If I saw Noodle's daughter about to take a nose-dive onto the floor or a crazy tea lady trying to stick a doll down her shirt, I'd speak up. Mostly, things might get misplaced but I doubt it is ever intentional.
    13. Well the 60cm dolls are a bit big and heavy to be stolen w/o anyone noticing, I'm a bit paranoid. ^^;;

      Updated the first post with another question (again)
    14. Don't leave anything of yours unattended when in a public place (epically crowded places like malls) I would not bring too many dolls with you. It will be hard to keep track of more than 1 or 2.

      Where I live people will steal or break anything that they think that they can get away with. In the last house I lived in someone broke one of the doors inorder to steal my brothers bike and then destroyed it and left it in the woods next to there house.

      Don't give them the opportunity to get to anything and nothing should happen
    15. As to where you keep your bags/carriers, it really depends on where you're having the doll meetup. We left our carriers in the car when we were photographing at the Old Mill, but when we had a mini-meet at the Doll Peddlar, we had a little room to ourselves in the back of the store.

      If there's a thread about the meetup you plan on attending, maybe you could ask some of the people there what they've done in the past. I'm sure there are differences in relative security depending on where you live.
    16. As far as safety precautions go, I only have one bit of advice as I have luckily only had one bad thing happen to my boy and I. Never take heads out of their safe places for more than a moment if you are not in a doll-friendly environment. My boy was snatched from my hands by two vagabonds at school, who then proceeded to throw him across the courtyard to each other like he was a baseball. Luckily there were no physical injuries to my poor boy. Unfortunately I couldn't do anything to avenge him. ><
    17. I don't have a doll of my own, and I've only been to one tea party, but my experience there is that everyone holds each others dolls (for the most part, if allowed) and there is alot of fun and talking.... there had to have been at least 30 people there... and I never heard of anything being misplaced, stolen, lost, damaged... anything like that.

      Some people had 3 or 4 or 10 dolls at one time, with tons of accessories.... as long as you can be responsible, then you shouldn't have a problem at all. I only plan on taking one doll at a time to any meetups... and I won't let him out of my sight.

      I always wondered though, people let me hold their dolls.... but I don't know if I'll be so willing... I hope that doesn't make me a jerk. *_*
    18. The one and only meetup I've been to was excellent, I'm in the UK and it was in london. Everyone was watching out for theirs and everyone else's dolls, I even got to carry one around.

      The doll bags are pretty noticeable and the folks were keeping them either over their shoulders whilst we were travelling or under the tables when we' stopped. I had not got a doll at the time but Psyence was kind enough to let me borrow Dacchan for the day, I made sure I was prepared by having the kind of bag that you clip round your waist for my wallet and keys, leaving my hands free.

      Pickpockets can be a problem in groups (in general I mean not dollie people) so wear a coat or top that has either zip pockets or some kind of flap that is sealed with snaps/poppers, if you have your hands full with a doll you wont be able to take off after anyone who tries to snatch anything.

      Just be sensible, its not rocket science and if you're used to making sure your usual accessories are ok a doll is not that much more to deal with at all :)
    19. I trust the people I go to meets with, plus there are usually not that many people there. Sometimes, small items like wigs or garments will get accidentally packed in the wrong bag when we leave, but generally people are pretty meticulous about making sure they've got everything. I doubt a whole doll could go missing without someone noticing pretty soon ~ people love their dolls, after all.
    20. Rule 1: Don't let your doll out of your sight. XD

      Actually, I'm more worried about something breaking than getting stolen. I see some doll meet pictures where you see 10 or 20 SD-sized dolls sitting and standing in close proximity and I can just imagine one toppling over to send the rest crashing... the horror. X|