Event [MehiArt Eyes] Christmas 2017 event

Nov 10, 2017

    1. Hello dear! :)

      On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas of 2017 we have a new event for you in the shop on etsy
      For each purchase between 10.11- 24.11.2017 the second pair of eyes in the same size for free!
      An ideal opportunity to make a gift for yourself and a free pair to give you an important gift!

      In addition, for anyone who orders a minimum of three pairs of eyes (it is 6 pairs of eyes in the shipping!) We add a special holiday event urethane eyes in random size (in the message to the order you can propose the size). These eyes are unique and only for the upcoming 2017 event. The only chance to get this unique eyes, the pattern outside the Christmas event will not be sold.

      All orders placed during the promotion period will be shipped in November, so they will arrive before the holidays :) Shipping cost regardless of the number of ordered pairs and locations in the world - $ 7. Shopping above $ 100 is free shipping!

      See you on etsy!
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    2. This is awesome! I have two quick questions, the first one is about ordering. Do you just order both pairs normally and then you're refunded the price of the second pair? My second question is about the specially patterned event eyes, I must be missing it but are there any pictures of what they look like?
    3. Hey :) You just order one pair and the second pair is added by us to Your pack :)
      No, there is no picture of event eyes :)