Sales Promotion [MehiArt eyes] May extra pair eyes on etsy :)

Apr 29, 2016

    1. Hello dear friends!
      The end of the month and the beginning of May :) For me it's a special time (getting married!), and so special for you I prepared a surprise.
      On 29.04-05.05.2016 everyone who purchase one pair of eyes at my shop on etsy, the second, surprise pair gets for free:)
      Just in the order form please write DOA :)

      I invite you also to my blog where you will find the latest news about the eyes of outgoing from my hand (and about me too, many texts are in English).

      See you on etsy!
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    2. Is a free pair offered for every pair purchased, or just the first pair?
    3. For every, if You order 4 pairs, You will get 4 pair extra in the same size :)
    4. can we choose the 2nd pair?
      I mean can we choose 2 pairs and have the cheapest for free?
      EDIT: surprise eyes! :doh
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    5. Hey :) Yes its surprise pair of eyes, there is no choose option.
    6. Hi! You can still use the promotion. To the shop found their way new eyes, so welcome! ;)
    7. Is it possible to buy a pair in one size and get the second pair in a different size?
    8. I think its possible, only write it in the oder ;)