Sales Promotion [MehiArt Eyes] Two urethanes for one :)

May 18, 2017

    1. Hello dear friends!
      May is special month for me (soon it will pass the first year as I am married):) and so special for you I prepared a surprise.
      On 18.05-21.05.2017 everyone who purchase one pair of eyes at my shop on etsy, the second, surprise pair gets for free (in the same size) :)
      Just in the order form please write DOA :)

      See you on etsy!
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    2. 1. Congrats on the anniversary!
      2. If there's only one pair available (12mm), does that still count for the free pair?

      Thank you :)
    3. Yes :) And the promotion is also to custom orders :) Well if You would like something else please PM :)
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    4. Thank you!
    5. Is it too late for this offer? Do you have any Popovy sized eyes at the moment?
    6. Hey :) The offer ends 10 days ago ;)
      Yes, You can see what eyes i have for popovy right now on etsy. If You want other color, please PM, maybe i have not placed on etsy :)